Sitemap - 2020 - Femstreet

Top 10 Highlights of 2020

Closing out 2020: Getting more involved with Femstreet; Chief of Staffs in focus; Job Matching tools & More.

All that glitters is not gold; The sound of 2020 and beyond; How cocktails fix marketing; Work with Femstreet

Join the last Femstreet Social of 2020; Support new launches by members:, Clustered, Sie Ventures; & More.

How To Become A VC From Nothing; The Femstreet 2021 Starter Kit; GTM Nirvana; The Side Hustle Stack

Get more involved with Femstreet in 2021: Invite new members to our community; Host our next Femstreet Circle; and More.

2021 Starter Kit

The 10 VC personas; To invest or not to invest in digital brands; How to approach enterprise sales at a developer-centric company & More

Thankful for the Femstreet Community

Femstreet networking and P2P learning opportunities

How to build a design-first company; Sunshine Contacts; Working more intelligently with Venture Capital investors

How to Announce a Fundraise; Support for Founders Scaling as Leaders and Operators Turning VCs; & More.

Popshop is now valued at $100m; Community-curated knowledge networks; How to hire leaders for your startup & More

PR & Brand Narrative Circle; A Big Week for Member Wins; How to Hire Leaders for Your Startup; and More.

Introducing the New Rules of Content Marketing

The No-Warm-Intro-Required list; Ty Haney opens up about Outdoor Voices' missteps; A day in the life of a software engineer

How to Build a High-Performing Remote Team During a Pandemic

An Ode to Cold Outreach; Lessons for First-time Founders; Ladies who Launch is Virtual, and More.

Financial sprints and startup agility; Signaling risk & A minicourse to data analytics

Demystifying Series A; OnDeck for No Code; Cowboy Ventures' VC Guide & More

Angel investing returns and takeaways; How to prepare for an enterprise sales pipeline review; Lessons from a failed startup

Creating meaning in product marketing; Credentialing for generalists; Another golden VC guide & More

Spicy questions to ask when choosing a VC; What to consider when making your first product hire; How to get more newsletter subscribers

Balancing a performance-driven culture with strategic recovery... & more

Strategic recovery for founders

How to build a performance-driven culture; Why successful founders are made, not born; What you need for your Series A pitch

Use the CURE framework to figure out who owns contract renewal

New investment ops; Clearbanc widens capital access in UK; Brava launches to back LatAm female founders; Worklife debuts 1st annual event; and More.

How to overcome entrepreneurial setbacks; A framework for understanding customer love; How to build a data science career & More

Fundraising ex-VC; Why we all should write more; The 24hr meditation we all need; & More

Why you should copy more; The new genre of brand aesthetic; Everything about startup compensation & More

Remembering RBG; Femstreet members collab on angel investing; Startup legals circle & More

Alicia Keys and the NFL partner to launch a fund; The most common early-stage hiring mistake; The rise of the digital girlfriend

Data hype deep-dive; Startup legals & term sheets; Better customer intros; Learnings from investor memos & More

Unpacking The Data Hype 

Tips for building an audience; Frameworks for product leadership; A playbook for running an impactful virtual offsite & More

To Win Short-Form Video, Look Away From the Creator

Fundraising: perfect your pitch, process & more.

8 things to think of when first angel investing

Why there are no giant Chinese SaaS companies; Bumble prepares for IPO; Measuring Happy GMV & More

Generalist vs. Specialist; Tech's Top Marketing/Branding Roles; Community Fund Launch & More

Positioning yourself in the job market as a generalist vs. specialist

TikTok’s secret weapon; The future of work for women; Data-driven approaches to understanding people and their stories & More

Latest from Femstreet Contributors; Remote vs. In-person Work; State of Women in VC & More

Curators Are the New Creators

The Future of Work for Women

A playbook for how to build a company in public; The Participatory economy & How to build an impact-first organization

We're back: Femstreet August Meetup; Female founder investing opportunities; and more

Momentum vs. Conviction investors; Entrepreneurship x Sports & More

Startups x Sports; New Femstreet Circle; Open Investor Outreach Alliance & More

The Athlete CEO

The rise of micro entrepreneurism; The magic behind hype and exclusivity on launch strategies; How to increase customer retention

Femstreet Contributors share secrets behind winning Product Launches, Customer Retention Strategies & More

5 internal processes to increase customer retention

The Value of a Velvet Rope: Effects of Hype and Exclusivity on Launch Strategies

Creative ways to find B2B leads; On investing and casting actors; Lex; Real & More

Angel investing 101; fundraising from home; landing a VC gig with Serena Williams & more

Don't over-engineer your career; How to best run board meetings; The rise of Superpower tech

Tapping into fellow founder energy; building a killer data room; assessing VC value-add; embracing your inner generalist & more

Lululemon acquires fitness brand Mirror; Ty Haney returns to OV; Hardware as a moat; Why female founders get cancelled more harshly when they fall short & More

Femstreet July meet & greet; marketing strategies for a new world; making meaning as a brand & more

Adjusting your marketing and branding strategy for a new world

Cashflow confidence; SaaS metrics; Canva's valuation doubles & More

North-star metrics; Diligence at growth-stage; Measuring NPS; Responsibility of platforms & more

A template for your cold emails; Passion projects; What distinguishes marketplaces that endure

Female Founder Office Hours; Femstreet Circle Meetup & Resources; CTO/Co-Founder Roles & More

Patagonia's without a Guide; Social e-commerce in China; Collab Capital; Productivity Apps & Pop Culture

Femstreet Marketing Circle

Heart work

In pursuit of togetherness

The Great Reset; How to raise a $2m Seed; The 90 year old gamer grandma & More

Meet & Greet with Femstreet

The Chief among us

The next $1B consumer startup will be a vertical social network — here’s why

Femstreet Circles Kickoff

Marketing secrets for small teams with big dreams; 7 ways to manage quarantine life with your newborn & How you can work with Femstreet

Make the most of your Femstreet membership

Characteristics of a slow burn company; Advice for emerging managers; A DevOps conference in Animal Crossing & More

After reflection, reinvention

Builders who will thrive in the new world; A crash course in unit economics; Term sheet jargon explained & More

Operators in focus

Life as a CFO in a downturn; Current state and predictions on venture debt; VC Interview Tips and Templates & More

Breaking into VC

Breaking into Venture Capital: VC Interview Tips and Templates from GoingVC

6 lessons from building a business in a downturn

Our New World

Building in a downturn

Meg Whitman's next big bite; Powerpoint Parties; A Survival Checklist for B2B Software Startups & More

Nurturing People & Culture

How to build and scale a remarkable startup without compromising on people or culture

Considerations for SaaS leaders in the era of COVID-19

Why Quibi could be a game-changer; How it feels to be laid off during the crisis; Keeping a great culture while being remote & Enterprise Sales Guide: COVID-19 Edition

Work-Life Special Edition

Do’s and Don’ts of marketing in a global crisis; Party like it's 2008; Social clubs go virtual & More

Perks: For & From Our Members

Thread for founders: How to navigate fundraising in uncertain times with Jessica Lin, Co-founder & General Partner at Work-Bench

Thread for founders: Remote management strategies with Camille Ricketts, Head of Marketing at Notion

Startups that help in times of social distancing; Key lessons from enterprise experts & How Covid-19 will impact the VC fundraising environment

Strength in community

Women in Enterprise Tech — 9 key lessons from enterprise experts

How to prepare your company for a bumpy ride; Best practices for remote work & More

Join us for WFH Happy Hour

Leading through periods of crisis or intense growth

Hard questions GPs need to be prepared for; A blueprint for your brand strategy; How to stay healthy and productive when working from home

Women's day, every day

Thread for founders: Tips for founder personal brand building with Hayley Leibson, Co-founder & COO at Modern Basket

Femstreet IWD Special; Run The World; The Experience Economy & More

From URL to IRL

Female Salaries in Tech; 9 Fortune 500 pain points; Tyler Haney of OV steps down; Remote work insights & More

Got wins? Share them!

Super angels; Venture debt vs equity; Brandless; Scaling people ops & More

Welcome to Friday!

Thread for founders: How to transition from bootstrapping to venture-backed growth with Julia Enthoven, Co-founder & CEO of Kapwing

How to build your board; Personal branding in venture; Block Party; VC Promotions & More

Live: Femstreet Member Directory

The golden source for open source; The 3 goals of an operator-angel round; Ginni Rometty; HeyMama & More

Femstreet's ready for February

Blossom Capital; Front; How to operate like a CFO; 100 No Code resources & More

Femstreet gets social

Thread for founders: Leading through periods of crisis or intense growth with Ann Bordetsky, COO of Rival

Steph Korey returns to Away as CEO; How to start angel investing; Founder wellness tips; Women in Enterprise Tech

New year, new discussions

Why not monetize yourself in 2020?; ClassPass is a unicorn; Billie sells to P&G & More

A warm welcome to 2020

Need a New Year’s Resolution? Monetize Yourself.