Alicia Keys and the NFL partner to launch a fund; The most common early-stage hiring mistake; The rise of the digital girlfriend

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I am writing this week’s issue from Berlin. I got here earlier this week for work but stayed for the weekend to hang out with my family and friends. Last week, I shared my learnings and I emphasized the importance of consistency in growing your audience. However, on weekends like that, I really struggle to find time and mental space to write. I usually find my ways to make it work though.

“I want my writing to be a source of fulfillment and career opportunities, not stress.”
- Sari Azout

This week, Femstreet member Sari Azout of Level Ventures was reflecting on her lessons learned writing a newsletter, why she won’t go paid, and why she thinks consistency is overrated. It is a great time to write and start a newsletter, even if you don't monetize your writing directly. These are honest and refreshing words - I feel you, sister.


Why Whitney Wolfe Herd almost walked away from Bumble. R&B icon Alicia Keys and the NFL partner to launch a $1B fund to support black-owned businesses. Caroline Brochado and Sophia Bendz on the boom in Europe’s early and growth-stage startups. Zoox becomes fourth company to land driverless testing permit in California. Courtne Smith launches NewNew, a social network based on shared content. Gen Zers are carving their own path on Discord to break into the tech industry. How to get the most branding bang out of your B2B IPO. Faye Maidment joins Unshackled VC fulltime. Tips for your YC application. Actress Kerry Washington explains why she became a startup investor. Four people who worked on Pinterest’s finance team speak out about an unequal culture.

From The Investor

  • It’s data that makes the largest technology companies so valuable. Data is revenue and revenue is sexy. As part of Snowflake’s buzzy IPO this week, I wanted to dive more into why data matters and what companies are looking into to improve their capabilities to work with data.

  • Shiyan Ko of Hustle Fund goes deep on the most common early-stage hiring mistake: Poor job/role definition. Get good at writing job descriptions! If you've never hired for the role before, go meet the best people in that role in your network. It will help you calibrate what skills to value in the role.

  • What do camgirls have in common with Twitch streamers? Lillian Li of Eight Roads Ventures dives into live streaming monetization models.

  • There has been a lot of discussion about what is coming next as a new social platform. With the likes of TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook having been around for a long time, people are wondering what the next big thing will look like. Cayetana Hurtado of Balderton Capital highlights some characteristics that any contender will need to have in order to become the next big social platform.

  • If you’re still working form home and fancy an occasional change of scenery. Lola Wajskop of Hummingbird published a practical guide to remote work in London.

  • For founders ready to commercialize opensource, Chang Xu of Basis Set Ventures goes deep on the profile of your first go-to-market hires.

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Written by Sarah Nöckel, Early-Stage investor at Northzone. All things workplace tech, data and enterprization of consumer. Born in Germany. Based in London. You can find me elsewhere on Twitter and Instagram.