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Hi friends, this is issue No. 152.

Thank you for tuning in this Sunday. I’ve been listening to this remix from my favorite Brazilian indie band O Terno on repeat while writing this issue. Enjoy!

Here’s what we’re covering in today’s newsletter:

  • Why motherhood is an asset in the workplace.

  • Whether you need to include financials in a pre-seed startup pitch deck or not.

  • Everything startup employees need to know about compensation.

  • How to get a job in data science.


Morgan Beller, co-creator of the Libra digital currency, just joined the venture firm NFX as General Partner. A directory of women-founded YC companies. Femtech comapny Willow raised $55 million in funding. How to build community. 3 Female Founders share their lessons learned six months into the crisis and how they are re-thinking the way they work. Omsom founders on reinventing meal starters for a new generation. Blck VC, Lerer Hippeau and Anthemis team up to help Black professionals explore a career in VC. All Raise is collaborating with the Amazon Alexa Fund. A good essay on the Emily Ratajkowski effect. Mark Cuban has given Arlan Hamilton $6M to invest in underestimated founders. A brief history of a life online.

From The Investor

  • Deena Shakir of Lux Capital is reflecting on the legacy of RBG on women and motherhood being an asset in the workplace, offering a playbook for all of us.

    "I invented nothing new. I simply assembled into a car the discoveries of other men behind whom were centuries of work. Had I worked fifty or ten or even five years before, I would have failed. So it is with every new thing. Progress happens when all the factors that make for it are ready, and then it is inevitable. To teach that a comparatively few men are responsible for the greatest forward steps of mankind is the worst sort of nonsense.”

    -Henry Ford"

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From The Founder and Operator


🗓️ September 30
Female Founders Offline x Felix Capital

🗓️ September 30
RSVP to Founder Hour with Cleo Capital's Sarah Kunst

🗓️ October 7-8
The Opensource Business Forum, the first European conference to discuss opportunities and tackle challenges facing the development of commercial open-source software in Europe.

🗓️ October 7
Redpoint Office Hours with Medha Agarwal & Shopify’s Kaz Nejatian 

How to start a company on a (H,TN,J,O,L,E) visa: Unshackled’s Roundtable 2.0 is a 12-week program to reach the earliest, undiscovered and underserved future immigrant founders in the U.S. and empower them with the resources to achieve their own version of The American Dream. Apply here.

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