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Ada Ventures closes first fund at $50M, investing in diverse founders tackling society’s problem. Google’s Timnit Gebru was fired after refusing to retract or take her name off an academic paper. Natalie Hwang of Apeira Capital wants to bring hedge-fund-style techniques to startup investing. The pandemic is pausing years of progress for female founders in VC. Forbe’s power women. Squad, founded by Esther Crawford, was acquired by Twitter. Why Man Repeller really shut down. Julia Collins’ Planet FWD launches climate-friendly snack brand. What if Roam, Wikipedia, Substack, and Product Hunt had a baby? Sari Azout of Levels VC brings Startupy to life. Why does tech still hate women in 2020? Mar Hershenson and Pejman Nozad backed DoorDash as one of their first five deals in 2013 and turned $1.9M into $440M. Why a VC might pass on your consumer or enterprise company. Five predictions for early stage startups in 2021.


Anna Palmer just became the first female general partner at Flybridge.

From The Investor

All that glitters (like stars) is not gold

The monetization of open source is laying the foundation for the next set of iconic tech companies. As open source has matured from an ideology into a go-to-market motion, category-defining companies are being built on open source, like MongoDB, Elastic and GitHub, to name a few. For founders building open source companies, they must continuously and accurately assess the awareness and engagement of external developers, who adopt your product as users and some may also become contributors. Chang Xu at BasisSet Ventures on metrics that matter in OSS…Read more.

Human-Centered Finance

Millions more Americans are in financial distress today. Thriving adults have moved back into their parents’ homes and friendships have fractured as stances toward a resurgent social justice movement increasingly bear on our social standing. Millions of employees have lost their jobs due to macroeconomic factors beyond any of our wildest imaginations. A renewed emphasis on community, collaboration and change offers hope after the wreckage of 2020. Meera Clark of Obvious Ventures on why and how to rewrite the playbook for those approaching a financial cliff…More here.

Six ways new social companies will monetize

For social platforms, the traditional ad model has been dominant for decades. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter built empires on it. Today many social companies are experimenting with new monetization models, taking a page from China, the gaming industry, and early ad-adverse pioneers like Tinder, Spotify, and Venmo. Anne Lee Skatesof A16z shares more.

The rebirth of the American Dream is underway

Starting a business has never been harder. Over the past 30 years, new business creation has declined ~50%. But with new technology enabling entrepreneurship, we're now starting to see the reinvention of the American Dream. The technologies and tools that support small businesses and solopreneurship will fuel economic growth and opportunity. Talia Goldberg of Bessemer Venture Partners on the six laws for platforms that enable entrepreneurship.

Buyer personas of the finance tech stack

Finance tools will be re-imagined — and the time is now for this evolution. Medha Agarwal of Redpoint Ventures outlined the biggest pain points for CFOs and opportunities for innovation within the finance tech stack…Read more.

How does this sound to you?

Last decade, mobile apps were the remote control for the real world. This decade, voice is the remote control. Gaby Goldberg of Bessemer Venture Partners on why is this happening now.

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From The Founder and Operator

Effective communication

Your job as a founder is simple enough. You need to ensure there’s enough gas in the tank (don’t run out of money), make sure the right people are on the bus and make sure the directions are clear and you’re on the right path. But without solid communication, it’s impossible to do any of those tasks. Allison Kopf of Artemis on how you can communicate better with your team.

How cocktails fix marketing that stops working

How do you troubleshoot a sales pipeline that’s no longer working like it used to? It’s time to mix it up. Sophia Sunwoo of Ascent Strategy on 3 ways you can fix a marketing plan that’s no longer working (and what cocktails got to do with it).

Accelerate your enterprise sales career

From building confidence and working with partners to being thoughtful in interviews, six founders shared their real-life stories and pivotal moments of their careers in enterprise sales that helped define their success.

Why founders shouldn’t hire a VP of Sales

Sales leadership is the most difficult hire to make and any founders think they’ll save money and streamline the hiring process by taking care of it by themselves. But this is not a hire that you want to cut corners on. It’s a seven-figure dilemma if you take a wrong turn, setting your company back in a monumental way. Amy Volas of Avenue shares more here.

The brand checklist

Usual VC signals prioritize rapid financial growth and return on investment and short-term brand differentiation. Ana Andlejic introduced a qualitative checklist for defining the staying power and strength of a modern luxury brand beyond the usual metrics.

Powerful Presenting

Presentations are daunting. Some love them, some hate them. Laura Araviciute of Workday on how to embrace your audience, gain confidence, and take your presentation to a whole new level.

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