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🔥 Deal alert in consumer startup land: VC firm Benchmark has beat other top VC firms to lead the Series A for the female-led live shopping app Popshop at a $100m valuation. Founded by Danielle Li, Popshop Live is reimagining of the Home Shopping Network, or QVC, for the year 2020. Mirror founder Brynn Putnam sold to Lululemon for $500m in June. Find out whether or not she thinks she has sold too soon. London’s Seedcamp, co-founded by Reshma Sohoni in 2007, raised £78m for its fifth fund. The significant downsides of being a ‘solo-capitalist’. A starter guide to celebrity capital for consumer brands.


Notion is staffing up for enterprise and added two female leaders from major B2B companies to their team: Maryanne Caughey, formerly Gusto, is heading up People Ops and Kate Taylor, formerly Dropbox and Salesforce, now leads Customer Experience.

Venture firm M13 names former Techstars LA managing director, Anna Barber, as its newest partner.

From The Investor

“We need curation to help us filter what we consume. We need knowledge management to add structure, memory, and goal-orientation to our information stream. We need community to tap into networked knowledge.”

“Every no is a yes to yourself!”

From The Founder and Operator

“There is a world of distance between being expert in this system and being an actual expert in your chosen craft. The second is seniority; the first is merely .. familiarity”

  • Nobody wants to work with seniors who clutch their authority with a white-knuckled grip. You want to work with those who wear it lightly, who remember what it was like in your shoes. Charity Majors of Honeycomb wrote about the trap of the premature senior.

  • This year has shown that more VCs are exclusively dedicated to education and edtech. HBS MBA student Kenza Bouhaj mapped out the global edtech venture capital space with insights from 2015–2020.

  • Investors are shifting focus away from big vision, highly experimental, capital-intensive startups in favor of businesses that demonstrate proven economics and more predictable growth. Joyce Liu of Pegafund on the key differentiation between startups that survive and those that thrive to become global growth companies.

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🗓️ November 18
The Future Founders Conference by YC - A virtual event for women globally. Apply here.

🗓️ November 18
Is the VC pitch process failing female entrepreneurs?

🗓️ December 3
Work-Bench’s Women in Enterprise Sales Forum

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