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Welcome to issue No. 125 and happy International Women’s Day! 🥳 I hope you’re all healthy and that you haven’t been impacted much by the virus yet.

Are you working from home these days? Remote work, social distancing and loss of routine can also be overwhelming for those who might not have a strong support system close by, esp. in a time of uncertainty. Check in on friends and use your tools for continuity in your personal relationships as much as your work, says Femstreet reader Kelsey Ditto of Affirm. In case you haven’t worked much from home before, you’re probably still in your honeymoon phase. But after a week or two, many people miss the sense of community at the office, report lower levels of productivity, loneliness and back pain. Here are my tips for making remote work work and how can you stay healthy and productive when working from home.


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The share of VC dollars that flowed into startups founded by a woman or a group of women hit $3.54 billion in 2019, or 2.7% of total investment. If you put that number in context: SoftBank poured at least $5 billion into WeWork. That’s roughly $1.5 billion more than the total VC investment in all female-founded companies during the same period. We’ve got work to do!

Buuuut on the bright side: Launch With GS launched the first Black and Latinx Entrepreneur Cohort – a select group of Black and Latinx startup founders and CEOs in the US who are
building fast-growing companies. This customised, 8-week experience provides an opportunity to access the best of Goldman Sachs – from industry experts to influential networks – while building relationships with investors.

Chief, a network for women executives, is coming to Chicago. Chief so far raised $25m and counts 2 locations in NYC and LA.

Apparently, The Wing's valuation plummeted to $200 million from $365 million when WeWork unloaded its 23% stake in the women's coworking company. Besides all the recent news I must say that I love being a member and the SF location is my favourite so far. If you thinking about joining, let me know and I set you up.


Cyan Banister leaves Founders Fund to become a member of a new early-stage investment and operations-focused firm called Long Journey Ventures. Banister’s departure comes weeks after Founders Fund announced the close of two new funds which will invest $3 billion in early and growth-stage companies. Banister shared more details in a blog post.

Geri Kirilova was promoted to partner at Laconia, a seed-stage venture capital firm based in New York. Previously, she was at Techstars, Credo Ventures, and LAUNCHub Ventures.

HBCUvc’s announced the 31 Under 31: The future of VC is bright and I am proud to see some Femstreet members among the list.

From the Investor

On VC non-consensus, outsized returns and what International Women’s Day is all about.
— Clara / firstminute Capital

Do you want to join a startup in a non-engineering role? Here’s how to find and evaluate early-stage startup opportunities as a smart generalist.
— Minn Kim / Bloomberg Beta

On the science of financing a software startup.
— Joyce Liu

Why community is the new moat and how to measure it.
— Astasia Myers / Redpoint Ventures

“Fundraising is story-telling. Emerging managers often struggle with building a compelling narrative that makes LPs want to dig in and learn more” says Jaclyn. ”Your job in the first meeting is to get a second meeting.”

On product-led communities: A breakdown of existing models; how companies are building them.
— Shripriya Mahesh / Spero Ventures

Are you a GP and raising a fund? Here are the hard questions Venture Capital GPs need to be prepared for.
— Jaclyn Hester / Foundry Group

Elizabeth Yin of Hustle Fund shares advice on how to get in front of investor when you’re not well connected.

Maren Banon of Jane VC on how to start angel investing. 👇

From the Founder & Operator

A blueprint for your brand strategy (that includes some tips from me building Femstreet).
— Kiran Colburn / Work-Bench

Advice for women in their 20s.
— Kat Garcia / BCG Digital Ventures

Big Data and Business Intelligence: What’s the difference? Kayla will tell you.
— Kayla Matthews / Productivity Bytes

Powerful strategies for overcoming common struggles new engineering managers face.
— Isabel Nyo / Atlassian

Featured job from the community

Marketing Manager @ Little Tummy - London

Little Tummy is looking for a passionate Marketer in London to join them on their mission to build the leading honest company for baby and children’s food. If you love healthy food and figures, please drop us an email with your CV.

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