How to overcome entrepreneurial setbacks; A framework for understanding customer love; How to build a data science career & More

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Good morning my friends, this is issue No. 153. Welcome to the final quarter of the year.

Here’s what we’re covering in today’s newsletter:

  • A framework for understanding customer love.

  • How to overcome entrepreneurial setbacks.

  • How you can kickstart your career in data science.

  • How to get your dream job if you’re “not good on paper”.


Carmen Alfonso Rico has joined Blossom Capital as its newest partner. Ethel’s Club founder is launching Somewhere Good, a social platform that centers people of colour. Emjoy picks up $3M to get more women tuned into sexual self-care. Why are K-pop groups so big? A challenge to be yourself. How to create a great (fundraising) storyline. Girlboss pivots again, Sophia Amoruso’s latest venture is a $2,000 business class tailored to bootstrappers. Oper8r wants to be the Y Combinator for emerging fund managers. How the fundraising journey differs for founding teams that include a minority versus those that don’t. How to build a career in Data Science. Investing in women isn’t a charity.

From The Investor

  • Which numbers add up to “love”? A framework for understanding customer love. Ha Nguyen / Spero Ventures

  • 10 ways to overcome entrepreneurial setbacks to make a comeback.Vani Kola / Kalaari

  • Femstreet member Grace Isford of Canvas Ventures reveals her framework for evaluating standout API-first companies and why the best API-first companies give their users “superpowers” that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

  • More frameworks: From building a massmarket business over product/strategy to hiring and measuring your business, here is a running list of frameworks on a range of topics. — Sarah Tavel / Benchmark

  • A lot of attention has been cast on TikTok and its parent company Bytedance in recent months. Here’s more on the creation and future of an algorithm-first company. Lillian Li / Eight Road Ventures

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From The Founder and Operator

“I’m not good on paper, is what I’d tell people when applying for jobs, but if you just met me, I think you might get it, I’d implore, in somewhat unconventional cover letters to recruiters. Some rough stats, in the past I’ve been rejected without interview for 90% of the jobs I’ve applied for, but received offers for 90% of the ones where I’ve made it into the room.”

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Written by Sarah Nöckel, Early-Stage investor at Northzone. All things workplace tech, data and enterprization of consumer. Born in Germany. Based in London. You can find me elsewhere on TwitterInstagram and on my phone in the ☁️.