Strategic recovery for founders

In a recent post about the Athlete CEO, I outlined that there are many similarities between being a founder and an athlete — from evaluating risk and reward, moving from being unknown into the public spotlight, eliminating constraints to innovate on established routes, and knowing where you can fall and where you can’t.

The founder journey can be lonely, and the longer quarantine goes on, the more likely we are to see a barbell effect in mental wellbeing.

Athletes understand the importance of recovery, teamwork, focus, and self-reflection, and know what it means to build resilience and perseverance. The ones that make it to the top are those who never let anything stop them.

Chris Surel is a performance recovery & sleep coach and creator of the Strategic Performance Recovery System, who helps entrepreneurs, executives and athletes to reach a whole new level of energy, performance and success (while enjoying their ride).

Sleep is one of many habits successful leaders have: they don't sleep more than everyone else. They sleep better.

With this event, we want to inspire entrepreneurs and share how high-achieving leaders manage their energy levels, deep sleep and recover habits, and lays out the power of switching off. You'll get to know the role of sleep in regulating our emotional brain state, and performance recovery in high-stress environments.

How can you implement quick, easy and strategic habits into your daily life to stay productive? What is the real impact of sleep in your recovery as a leader? How do you unwind in between your zoom marathons?


Join me for a session with performance recovery and sleep coach Chris Surel followed by a Q&A with me, Chris and Northzone’s Partner Paul Murphy.