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Welcome to issue No. 161.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. I hope that all of you find time in your busy schedules to reflect on what happened during the year and how you’re thinking about 2021.

I often get asked about how I got started and grew this audience into a community.

I got together with 14 other newsletter writers to share some tips on how to build your own, what to write about, how to promote your publication, and how to cultivate community.

Hopefully, we can inspire some of you to join us in the content creator journey.


Day One Ventures, founded by Masha Drokova, raises a new $52.5M fund. The sisters creating shoes that ‘celebrate every woman’s step’. How to write the best cold email to raise VC$. Ways to encourage entrepreneurship outside of the major tech hubs. Book your YC mock interview with Holly Liu of Kabam. There wasn’t a community for black women in Venture Capital these women made their own. The ultimate Annual Review. Why is it important to have diversity on a startup board. The new ‘hacker house’ geared toward undergraduate women. How Hint Water's Kara Goldin went from zero industry experience to a $150M business. A reminder to check yo biases. Celery, Sweat and Sleep—SaaS Execs on maintaining the energy to lead.


Ha Nguyen is leaving Spero Ventures and joins Swimply as their Chief Experience Officer.

Amy Sun recently left Sequoia Capital to build her startup Daylight Labs, which helps gig economy workers make more money and has already raised $3.8M.

Marie Ekeland, formerly Daphni Ventures in Paris, launched 2050, a new evergreen fund focused on building a better world. 

From The Investor

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From The Founder and Operator

  • One of the top mistakes engineers make when they become founders is that they spend too much time building the product and cleaning up technical debt instead of talking to users. But in the early days, the most important goal is to de-risk the market need for your product. Jacqueline Xu, CTO at YC, touches a on a few more mistakes that founders with an engingineering background make.

“A brand’s cultural presence is correlated with its sales. A brand buzz is directly reflected in its financial performance (this is where Outdoor Voices, Everlane or Brandless didn’t deliver). They all had awareness without profitability.”

  • Brand strategist Ana Andjelic wrote about how you can predict a brand’s success and detect winners early on.

  • Healthcare should be a human right, not a privilege. Angel Maredia, Product Manager at Google, does deep on healthcare and why a single-payer system, and the “Medicare for all” implementation of it, can start to get us somewhere better.

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🗓️ December 1
Lift Her Wealth - Let's talk about money.

🗓️ December 2
Role of Platform and Marketing in VC

🗓️ December 2
All Raise - Enterprise SaaS Workshop: SaaS Partnership Strategies

🗓️ December 3
Work-Bench’s Women in Enterprise Sales Forum

🗓️ December 4
Women 2.0 Female Founder Pitch competition

🗓️ December 15
Pitching Remotely for Latinx Female Founders

🗓️ December 15
The Debut Sessions LIVE pitch competition
The event will see 4 early-stage tech companies pitch to some of the most recognised VC's / investors in the UK in a 'Dragon's Den' style format. This will be followed by a 30 minute panel discussion and multiple, interactive 'Session Rooms' (including a 'Term Sheet Clinic' and 'Investor Deck Clinic'). The winner of the Main Stage Pitch Competition will receive a Term Sheet from Ascension Ventures for a £100,000 SEIS investment. Apply to Pitch.

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