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Happy Sunday, superstars! Welcome to issue No. 133. ✨ I hope you are STILL crushing this life lived through screens. Time is moving incredibly fast these days, every day feels the same. I don’t have anything smart to say or special to announce in this week’s intro section.
From the age of five to 29.5, I always planned my outfit for the next day the night before. I am sure many of you did that too. I missed it. Last week, I started doing this again. After a neverending heavy rotation between three leggings and two sweatpants in the last six weeks, I am #goingnowherebutfuckitimgettingdressed. Are you with me?


Cleo Capital’s Sarah Kunst launched a fellowship for laid-off workers from top companies. The next lifestyle empire. The best gifts for mom (that do good, too). Breaking down barriers for women of colour in tech. Women become most essential workers. Peloton calls, color codes and home haircuts. Why now is the time to reinforce support of female founders.


Atomico recruits Sasha Astafyeva (ex Felix Capital) as consumer-focused Partner, and Terese Hougaard (ex CapitalG) as Principal.

From The Investor

On the future of B2B FinTech: pain paints, market trends, and new opportunities.
— Natalie Luu / Lightspeed Venture Partners

6 consumer tech trends to watch in a post-COVID world.
— Laura Chau / Canaan Partners

Here’s why understanding switching costs is crucial to a good product strategy.
— Elizabeth Yin / Hustle Fund

“The best builders rarely stay in their lane. Instead, they find new opportunities to cross-pollinate their learning across different problems, roles, and industries. I call this triple threat mentality, it’s balancing multiple careers or creative projects that reflect multi-dimensional skills, interests and values.”

Designers who can code, career jumpers, ambitious advisors. These are the 6 builders who will thrive in the new world.
— Brianne Kimmel / Work-Life Ventures

💨 The Finance as a Service techscape is moving FaaSt.
— Anna Khan / CRV

As VCs stop funding money-losing businesses, healthy unit economics matter more than ever. Here is a crash course in unit economics.
— Ha Nguyen / Spero Ventures

What will happen in the world of work post-COVID? The future of work is digital, distributed, data-driven, dynamic, and diverse; and the timeline is now.
— Allison Baum / SemperVirens

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From The Founder & Operator

How to redesign a product that already exists.
Olha Bahaieva / Toptal

Some quick rules of thumb for how to continue selling DTC right now with an unpredictable supply chain.
— Helena Price Hambrecht / Haus

“I wake up every morning to the sound of my three-month-old crying or the sensation of a monster truck held to my cheek by my four-year-old. Every day is the same: We are quarantined. There is a global pandemic. I have no personal space. And on top of being a full-time co-founder, now I’m also a full-time, stay-at-home mom.

— Lindsay Kaplan / Chief

If you are in the tough position of having to say goodbye to employees, then read this.
— Holly Liu / Kabam

Wellness wisdom and self-care resources.
— Alexa Meyer / Coa

How I went from no coding experience to a Microsoft offer in 1 year.
— Mara Hart / Microsoft

How Coronavirus has impacted remote work.
— Marie Prokopets / FYI

“Those who are the best storytellers will be the most memorable and sell the most.”

How to define a sales motion and survive Covid-19.
— Kelly Breslin Wright / Tableau

On terms in termsheets and what they really mean.

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SheWorks Female Founder Series Superhero Edition

🗓️May 20
Jane VC Virtual Workshop with Allison Yazdian (Compass): How to Adjust you B2B Sales Strategy in a Virtual World

More Things I Consumed This Week

Participate: Cartoon caption contest

Watch: Rooftop tennis in Italy. 35 artists create poster art imagining a post-pandemic future.

Read: State of Media/Entertainment Tech Report

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