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Good morning, fam! On Thursday, we hosted our monthly Meet and Greet for Femstreet Premium members on Icebreaker. You get to play games during a number of 1:1 conversations until you’ve met a bunch of new people. I am always fascinated by the diversity and reach of this community and love meeting new members. You guys are truly amazing 🙏 This week’s members joined us from London, San Francisco, South Carolina... One member told me that she’s still in college, a coder by night and involved in a number of other side projects.

While the internet talked a lot about the fact that schools are planning to charge full tuition for online courses this year, I’ve been thinking about how traditional networking has changed and what role Femstreet can play by providing access to the right people and resources to succeed in tech.

Traditional networking was all about attending fancy dinners, going to conferences, and expensive colleges. You had to find the others. But the internet networking operates in a different way: it’s a “classroom without walls”. You can write, produce podcasts, make Youtube, Instagram, or Tiktok videos and start a company. Location doesn’t matter so much. You can join online communities or become an entrepreneur from home and monetize your individuality. You can let the others find you.

“The Internet is a classroom without walls — a portal to the entire world and a time machine where you can soak up the accumulated wisdom of humanity.”
— David Perell

I am not sure if I’d pay so much for college for just streaming online classes. But I understand why people would do it. Some may need the credentials. You can also take a gap year and start an online business. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last years when it comes to career decisions, then it’s that you shouldn’t try to over-engineer your career. The job you’ll have in 5 years is likely not on your radar or it doesn’t exist yet. With time and more experience, life will pull you into new directions. Follow your curiosity.

Here’s what you will learn today:

  • How to best run board meetings.

  • The tools that will help you achieve 10x more in you job.

  • Millenial vs Gen Z Aesthetic.

  • How creators can bootstrap their fan economies.


Rethink Impact, a venture capital firm founded by Jenny Abramson and Heidi Patel and that invests exclusively in tech start-ups founded by women, has raised $182 million for its second fund. Victress Capital, a fund founded by women to back women founders, just closed its second fund. This Black female exec reached the top. Accel’s Sonali de Rycker on vital leadership learnings. Axios reported that Chelsea Clinton is in the early stages of forming a venture firm Metrodora Ventures to invest in health and learning businesses. Based on what I heard a few months ago, I thought that Metrodora Ventures is Union Square Venture’s pre-seed fund run by Chelsea. Hmn.


The ML focused VC firm Basis Set Ventures has added its third woman investment partner in Sheila Vashee, giving the firm three women at the top of its investment committee.

From The Investor

  • What the US (and maybe Europe too?) can learn from China on social commerce. Jess Li/ Soma Capital

  • Tips on how to best run board meetings. Amanda Robson / Cowboy Ventures

    + Northzone’s Paul Murphy recommends using to spice up board meetings taking place remotely.

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From The Operator

  • The Gen Z Aesthetic: The death of "premium mediocre" and the birth of "intentional ugly". Lucy Mort / ex Hinge

  • 6 pricing strategy hacks that'll boost your sales. Ashely John

  • Here’s the Pitch Deck that makes investors say Yes. Melinda Elmborg / Startupaction

  • Mirror wanted to be the next iPhone. Instead, it’s sold to Lululemon. So why would the startup sell for $500 million when sales were booming in the middle of a pandemic? Maya Kosoff / WE Codeword

  • Why there’s only one way for a company to thrive (or even just survive) in the long run and you in a world full of Amazons, you want to be a Patagonia. Jana Kovacovska / tiny CFO

  • Advice on angel investing and how you can get started. Angela Santurbano / Autodesk

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Written by Sarah Nöckel, Early-Stage investor at Northzone. All things workplace tech, data and enterprization of consumer. Born in Germany. Based in London. You can find me elsewhere on Twitter and Instagram.