Why there are no giant Chinese SaaS companies; Bumble prepares for IPO; Measuring Happy GMV & More

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The bee is flying high: Blackstone-backed dating app Bumble is preparing for US$6 billion-plus IPO for next year. Alice Lloyd George, former investor at RRE Ventures, launches a fund for deep tech. Girlboss changed owner again and is now part of Tiny Capital. Femstreet member Lolita Taub and Jesse Middleton launched The Community Fund. And our friend and super angel Cindy Bi has raised more than $3M within a month since the public launch of her Rolling fund. Venture capital LPs are the missing link to solving Silicon Valley’s diversity problem. Why the startup world needs a ‘Black Minds Matter’ awakening and the paths to funding for Black female founders. An Interview with Alison Rapaport of Serena Ventures. Serena Williams is a fan of the SEC this week since changes to accredited investing rules mean that "VC is no longer exclusively for individuals who have extremely high income or net worth.” How to market to women in 2020. All Raise launched the Visionary Voices speakers bureau, an easy resource for reporters and event organizers to connect with female and non-binary founders, funders, and operators.

From The Investor

  • On measuring happy GMV, and why you should be skeptical of NPS’s utility. Sarah Tavel / Benchmark

    “Tracking the percentage of GMV that is Happy GMV is a useful day-to-day proxy to tell you whether you’re on the right path to Minimum Viable Happiness. The higher your % of GMV that is Happy GMV, the better your “liquidity quality”, as my partner Bill Gurley calls it.”


  • On European tech valuations - and why not all recurring revenue is created equal.Laura Connell / Balderton Capital

  • Why are there no giant Chinese SaaS companies? “For Chinese SMBs, who account for ~60% of China's production GDP, adopting SaaS is difficult as it's not a learned reward loop to invest in software of any kind. Historically, cheap labour in China has meant that manual execution is still very feasible for most tasks, so automating or documenting through software is not a frequent behaviour. Coupled with this, Chinese SMBs generally don't have enough cash reserves to invest in upgrades systematically. When they do have the investment capacity, the prevalence of software piracy in the '00s has led to a general lack of desire to pay for software, and many do not often see value in utilising software. This mindset makes SaaS adoption in China particularly hard as the well-capitalised mid-sized firms are traditionally the landing point for SaaS companies in both the US and Europe. Without a firm client base to build upon, a lot of SaaS companies end up having to tackle the daunting enterprise customers straight away.”
    — More here by Lillian Li / Eight Roads

  • Should you do an accelerator or not? Here’s what to consider. Elizabeth Yin / Hustle Fund

  • Mental health 2.0 companies re-built the traditional models of care — provider directories and marketplaces — in a digital way. Mental health 3.0 solutions will be interactive, adaptive, and buttery — more like Duolingo or Peloton than a MOOC or Rosetta Stone. Here’s how they can achieve unmatched scale and category creation.Hanel Baveja / USV

  • On value of high-quality onboarding and why entrepreneurs who invest in prescriptive onboarding and community very early are more likely to succeed. Sarah Guo / Greylock

  • We have been diving deeply into the Devops space at Northzone. My colleague Wendy explains why the future looks bright for devs, and through them, all of us.

    “One of the reasons we’re seeing more innovation than ever in the developer space is because the existing landscape of software development is undergoing seismic shifts, at a faster pace than ever before. This not creates more opportunities for new products to solve new problems, carving out both wallet-share and mind-share from developers, it also creates new building blocks and dynamic infrastructures for developers to experiment with.”

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From The Founder and Operator

  • Why startup founders should read more fiction.Alison Eastaway / Sqreen

  • Interviewing for an iOS Design System Engineer role at Spotify: How to prepare and useful resources.Funmilayo Adewodu / Spotify

  • Building media relationships early on matters. Here’s how to get started.
    Taylor Harruff / Hyde Park Venture Partners

  • The best asset your startup can invest in right now and where should you be putting your time and money to see 10x+ ROI? — Sophia Sunwoo / Ascent Strategy

  • On a leader's relationship to risk, insecurity, making decisions with imperfect data and what a successful board management looks like. Jennifer Tejada / PagerDuty


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