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Happy Sunday, and happy Mother’s Day to all mums.

2020 has been wild so far. We are seeing mass unemployment like we haven’t seen in a century, crushed consumption, a liquidity crisis that must get absorbed somewhere, and it’s unclear when and how the pandemic will end. And the stock market seems to be totally untethered from economic data.
We’re all being robbed of our rituals. From jobs, loved ones to weddings and exercising… I started this newsletter to shine light on all the incredible things women are achieving. And sharing knowledge is more important now than ever as we all navigate this crisis from different perspectives. The sky may be falling but you got an entire community willing to catch you.

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Social network for women Peanut, now used by 1.6m women, raised a $12M Series A. A good overview of the global support ecosystem for women entrepreneurs and investors. ReadySet is scaling to meet the demands of a changing workplace. If you’re a consumer startup looking to raise, you should read this.

From The Investor

Shopping x Gaming: On the rise of social e-commerce.
— Anu Hariharan / YC

Accelerating into a New World of Edtech.
— Mercedes Bent / Lightspeed Venture Partners

Be patient. Have an MVP fund size where your strategy works and consider bringing your target now. Focus on existing relationships. Close on what you have committed if it’s enough to get you “in business.”

Advice for emerging managers in the times of COVID-19.
— Mar Hershenson / Pear VC

How to approach strategic planning when the sky is falling, including a sample company playbook and a rocks & KPI template.
— Sarah Hodges / Pillar VC

The IT compliance and security automation landscape.
— Priyanka Somrah / Work-Bench

What are the characteristics of companies that are uniquely suited to tough times?

  • Single, simple use case

  • Small (often developer-led) team

  • User acquisition is cheap, simple, self-service

  • Margins sustain growth

  • Strong community-driven support

Here’s more on the characteristics of a slow burn company.
— Parul Singh / Founder Collective

On the future of live, interactive entertainment.
— Li Jin / a16z

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From The Founder & Operator

How to manage increased IT demand in wake of COVID-19.
Rachel Obstler / PagerDuty

These are the five things to focus on as first time CEO + a monthly focus planning doc.
— Deborah Okenla / YSYS

Here’s what I’ve learned building an unlimited graphic design business for 5 years.
— Marilyn Wo / MeetAnders

How my Microsoft interview landed me a higher position than I applied for.
— Mara Hart / Microsoft

From data science to product management: the journey of a woman in AI.
— Fernanda Baker / SamsumgNEXT

Are you a mum and trying to start your next company? Here are some tips for getting more done with less time.
— Amanda Goetz / TheKnot

Virtual Events

Fundraise from Home: Pitch early-stage investors at once, from the comfort of your own home. You can even wear your PJs. Apply now.

🗓️May 12
How Do Enterprises Manage Their Spend with Zoom CFO Kelly Steckelberg and Zendesk CFO Elena Gomez

🗓️May 19
Leading with Empathy and Kindness with Guild Education Founder & CEO Rachel Carlson and Textio Founder & CEO Kieran Snyder

🗓️May 20
Jane VC Virtual Workshop with Allison Yazdian (Compass): How to Adjust you B2B Sales Strategy in a Virtual World

🗓️May 21
Navigating your team through the new normal

More Things I Consumed This Week

Read: The exploding market for sweatpants. How Not to apologize in quarantine. How to run your startup in a recession.

Copy: A recession planning framework for SaaS companies.

Watch: Ian Coldwater of Heroku hosted a pretty cool DevOps conference in Animal Crossing.

Listen: Enterprise sales strategy and tactics during COVID-19.

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Written by Sarah Nöckel, Early-Stage investor at Northzone