Sitemap - 2021 - Femstreet

Femstreet's Top Highlights of 2021

Navigating an unexpected promotion; Reducing cognitive load in 2022; and more.

Creator coins; How to manage unhappy customers; Building a business that is both fulfilling and successful

Making the most of your equity compensation; Managing a high-impact design organization; Hiring contractors or employees?

How to raise from underrepresented investors; Negotiating VP & C-level equity; and more.

Learning psychology; How to effectively use the rest of the year as a startup

Lift others as you climb; Valuation myths; How to become a feedback magnet

Inside the portfolio of eToro's most copied female trader; Changing careers in 2022; and more.

A guide to getting promoted; Can we build an inclusive world of crypto? Creating an efficient marketing function & More

When customer focus isn't enough; How to build your growth team; Community evolution from Web2 to Web3

Rising through the crypto ranks; Going down the DAO rabbit hole; and more.

Growing yourself to grow the company; Scaling engineering organizations; When to hire more AEs and SDRs

Creating safe digital spaces; Cracking community led-growth; Great resignation to the great restoration, and more.

Me, My Teen Self and Instagram

Community-Led Growth Nirvana

Recruiting outside of your personal network; Flexible Fridays, Mad Realities

Happenings in the Femstreet Metaverse: Fintech, Web3, community events, and more.

How maternity leave can make you a better leader; Building a “community-first” company

How to: find a good product marketer; build a unique brand; take control of your startup's finances sans a CFO; and more.

The reemergence of style in software; Hiring the right marketer at the right time; Key docs for your fundraising data room

Community events you've been waiting for

Lessons as a first-time founder; Decentralized autonomous media networks; A framework for work decisions

The evolution of SaaS pricing; How to talk to and influence your users; Finding, interviewing, and closing C-level talent

Fundraising vs bootstrapping; What to do when you think your company needs to shut down; How to impress VCs with your financial model

Investment opportunities from the community; Angel investing for the un-accredited; and more.

Canva: From yearbooks to $40B; How to build your first enterprise B2B marketing team; Tales of crypto adoption

Crash course in marketing goal setting; Inside an A+ board meeting; Basics of minimum viable *legal* venture fund formation

The investor guru for online creators; Where to start to find product-market fit; Social token paradox

The first 90 days of a SaaS startup; Pivoting your way to PMF; Tech recruiting 101; and more.

Three components of defensible UX; Startup PR success; The ultimate elevator pitch template

Chief People Officer as PM; Opportunities for startups building the future of work & learning, and more.

Category creation; Mentorship; Do's and don'ts for your Series A data room

Femstreet community check-in on fundraising; Building better boards; Launching on Product Hunt; and more.

Collectivizing finance; How to run a product-led sales team & The future of user interfaces

Investment opportunities: Lovewick, Junee & more.

Negotiation coaching from an Investor; How to find your zone of genius; Why killer products are opinionated

Finding your zone of genius; What not to share in your Series A data room; Hypergrowth playbook, and more.

Do’s and don’ts to get better at giving and receiving feedback; The GACC marketing brief; Why early hype is dangerous & More

Continuous learning: a course creator bootcamp, a masterclass series for fundraising, and more.

Keeping your slice of the pie - The Startup Founder's Guide to Equity - Part III

🏖️ Join us at the Founder Beach

Keeping your slice of the pie - The Startup Founder's Guide to Equity - Part II

Billion-dollar beauty; Anti-burnout strategies; Keeping your slice of the pie & More

Founder's guide to equity; Fundraising asks; Improving employee-experience; and more.

Keeping your slice of the pie - The Startup Founder's Guide to Equity - Part I

Perceptions; Enterprise Sales Misconceptions; 'New' Series A Metrics & More

Angel syndicate for Leda Health fundraise; 100+ roles on the Femstreet job board; StartHER micro fund for better access to initial capital, and more.

To build in public or not; Why “validate your idea” is bad advice

How to build a business as unique as you; an accelerator for inclusive fintech; what a modern GTM looks like, and more.

Building a business aligned to your strengths & talent

Tranching your fundraise; The rise of the Chief of Staff; The Girlboss is dead & More

A syndicate focused on Gen Z women; Ghost Knowledge Q&A recap; Seed/Series A engineering jobs (& where to find more)

Q&A with Sari Azout on the future of media, community-driven knowledge networks, and the ownership economy

Ghost Knowledge; The minority is the majority & How to get buy-in

Q&A with Sari Azout; Pre-idea founder fellowship; Investment opportunities, and more.

How y’all feeling?

New member-only perks; Diversifying pipelines for technical roles; Putting radical candor to practice; and more.

✨ Announcing a new subscriber-only perk: DEALS! ✨

The 🍔 GTM; Ringing in the new era of female entrepreneurship; Seed to Harvest

New: pre-seed opportunity; gift platform that keeps giving; new community building tool; grant for creators; and more.

Let's go Somewhere Good; The Confidence Curve; Weird as a Service; Parenthood & Venture Capital

Seed investment opportunity; How to develop a tactical fundraising mindset; New tools for community builders, marketers, and more.

The future of the internet; Jade roll your bank account; Behind Genius Ventures

An angel investment opportunity; a powerful new scout network; a must-read publication for CS leaders & operators; and more.

Mind the pipeline; Principles for effective remote work; LP’s perspectives for emerging managers & Retailtainment

How to influence at work; Last call for an accelerator opportunity; Female founder secrets; and more.

Dealing with shame after a failed venture; Breaking through the ceiling in product-led growth & How good managers talk about their teams

*New* Femstreet Job Board; Takeaways from Product-led Growth AMA; Investment opportunity in an AR/VR health-tech, and more.

Let's talk product-led growth

Femstreet job board; How to make sure your website is your GTM source of truth; The Series A to C sprint

Fellowships for CS leaders & emerging investors; Femstreet fundraising opportunities; 3 community events; and more.

Q&A on product-led growth & More member events

How to sell your company; A crypto signal; Career laddering

How to make cold outreach to top talent less awkward; What to prioritize when hiring new Board Members; and more.

Product-Founder Fit; Developer Super Fans & The New Marketing Playbook

Leaving a big company for a startup; Finding your next board member; New Femstreet perks; and more.

From pre-business model to IPO; Resolving disputes in a company; The new Wall Street

Helping creators become angel investors; Co-founder speed dating; Our next meet & greet (plus one!); and more.

How to hire your first coach; No more Dispo ‘Spark’; Remix culture

Programs for emerging angel investors and fund managers; New top picks for the Femstreet Operator Ocean; and more.

Let the user journey be your guide; The NFT house; The Developer Relations path to success

Fellowships for emerging entrepreneurs, operators, managers: Visible Hands, Contrary & Grand Quest.

The rockstars of SaaS; Onboarding in public & Community spark

Fundraising: Oja, Remi, Penguin Benefits; On Deck Fintech x Femstreet; Breaking the 5% Series B ceiling; and more.

Product myths; The founder scorecard & The existential startup question

A new founder library; Evolution of virtual communities; Hard truths about being a VC & more.

It’s raining business opportunities; Crypto buzz & Audience-focused product marketing

The Rise of the COO role; Fresh fintech finds; and more.

Start Your Dream Job From Your Kitchen Table; Experiential Websites & The Rise Of Generalists

Takeaways from building a community-first product with Geneva; Femstreet x Notion member perk; and more.

Building a community-first product

Are sports cards the future of retail investing?

Bumble exceeds IPO goals; The community department is the next big SaaS category and Fintech is wavy

Femstreet x Airtable; Pre-seed investment opportunity in a social tool to support Gen Z critical thinking; 11+ new roles from the community; and more.

Building a community-first product; How to take care of yourself; Let's talk ambition

Introducing Operator Ocean; Bootstrapping PR & Comms for your startup; How to 10x fundraising & operating with Femstreet, and more.

How to hack media messaging and effectively bootstrap PR for your startup

How to 10x fundraising & operating with Femstreet

Femstreet Operator Ocean

The Honest IPO; How startups are using TikTok; Rebuilding the internet from scratch

100+ companies with fresh cash and hiring fast (plus 12+ new roles from the Femstreet community); What a tech stack looks like at under the hood of a $10mn fund; and more.

Mytheresa IPO; Monetizing bottoms up SaaS; How to get through messy emotions & More

Non-obvious fundraising advice; VC scout programs & fellowships; Micro-angel investing, and more.

The IPO wave with Poshmark & Bumble; How we buy, why we work & how we live in 2021 and beyond

Matching More Women to Technical Roles in Startups; Resources for Product Builders & Leaders; A Spin Class for the Mind; and More.

Join us for our first events of the year

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