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Stitch Fix;s founder Katrina Lake is stepping down as CEO and shifting her focus to the styling company’s social impact and sustainability work. Stepping into Lake’s big shoes is Elizabeth Spaulding. Twelve women shine on 2021 Midas List. Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. generated $300m revenue last year and files for IPO. Target's commitment to spend $2 billion with Black-owned brands by 2025 prompts a stream of criticism. Digital Therapy startup Real partners with TikTok launch a new Wellness Hub. Why for big tech whistleblowers, there’s no such thing as 'moving on'. How to improve your remote presentation setup. The one metrics that matters: a payback calculator. How Bevy addressed its diversity problem.

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From The Investor

Activate your investors

Building a startup can be a lonely journey and keeping your investors in the loop on a consistent basis will make sure you are always part of a team that wants you and more importantly wants to help you succeed. Companies that regularly communicate with their investors are twice as likely to raise follow-on funding. Shruti Gandhi of Array Ventures on how to structure investor updates in 5 bullets…Read more.

A crypto signal

Coinbase went public last week, it is just the beginning for crypto. Does that make it a good investment? Maybe not. Is it a signal? Yes. Coinbase allows for accessibility, creates demand, and allows others in the crypto space to build. Kyla Scanlon of OnDeck on Coinbase as a market indicator for crypto acceptance…Read more.

Latin America’s fintech boom

Fintech in Latin America is growing explosively. Why? Much of the population is underserved: credit card penetration < 1/3 in most countries, often >1/3 are unbanked. For those that are served, the experience is still far from optimized. Angela Strange of a16z on why the opportunity for fintech startups has never been bigger…Read more.

How to hire an independent board director

Considering bringing on your first independent board director, or shaking up your board composition with new members? Allison Pickens (prev. Gainsight COO, now a member of multiple boards) shares the hierarchy of needs you should consider, starting with “hiring for your stage”, and ending with “hiring for values”.…Read more.

The 10 commandments of media relations

Investing in PR can help organically grow your business through earned media strategies that result in customer trust and company credibility. Nicole Quinn of Lightspeed Venture Partners on what you need to know…Read more.

What VCs seek in a first meeting

Startup success can be random, success hard to predict, but the biggest long-term brands seem to emerge from those who change something structural about the market at a time when the market is looking for a change. The best founders can paint this vision for investors long before it becomes a reality. Kara Nortman of Upfront Ventures on what she is looking for in founders in a first meeting …Read more.

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From The Founder and Operator

Where to land

Although decision-making has become increasingly decentralized, selecting the right location for a European headquarters is a critical step on the journey to becoming a global business. At the heart of your decision-making process, should be four key criteria: your Customers; Talent; Cost & Business Environment. Carolina Küng of Frontline shares a cheat sheet that helps you make the right choice…Read more.

How to do M&A

Selling a company can be a long and arduous process. Like raising venture, selling your company is a combination of sales pipeline and multi-player negotiation. Kendall Hope Tucker of Knoq on her learnings of getting acquired and 12 steps to successfully selling your company…Read more.

Signing an Enterprise contract

Selling to a corporation can supercharge your trajectory, but it can also break you and your company. Follow these strategies by Maria Leonardi to cut through red tape and increase the odds of a successful corporate partnership…Read more.

The importance of career laddering

There are no surprises in the career laddering process: people know where they are, and what it will take to get to the next level. Sarah Drasner of Netlify on why our collective aim as managers should be taking the careers of our employees as seriously as we do the team’s technical processes. Promotions ideally come exactly when and how everyone thinks they will…Read more.

Setting team key results: A guide for first-timers

Teams have to translate company-wide OKRs into their own team key results. Is this task overwhelming to you? Claire Carroll of dbt on what makes a good team KR and how you can get started writing your team key results…Read more.

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