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‘The girlboss is one of the cruelest tricks capitalism ever created.’ - A eulogy for the ‘girlboss’ which was mostly a marketing scheme. Crypto VC Audacity Capital launches to back Black entrepreneurs. Anu Duggal of Female Founders Fund created a summer retreat in the Hamptons that pays homage to the power of women. How to build a tribe. A16z’s Cultural Leadership Fund just closed its second fund. VC finder for diverse entrepreneurs. The State of Independence 2021. Open Source DAO market research - contribute! The Creator MBA. ‘Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not.’ How the clubby world of venture capital is trying to open up. Double down jobs in the consumer economy. Genetic testing company 23andMe, founded by Anne Wojcicki, pops after SPAC merger. There's good and bad transparency. Retinol and retirement.

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What founders, startup operators, and investors are talking about…

A strategy to help you launch any product successfully

Whether you’re launching a course, newsletter or new software, you need a solid plan in place to ensure your launch is a success. When you’re building something you cannot suddenly surprise your audience by dropping a new product without talking about it previously. Ritika Mehta of Visualist on how to best prepare for your launch… Read more.

Tranching your fundraise

Do you think tranching your round will kill your company? Through the tranche strategy, you are creating urgency so that investors will prioritize a decision on your company over all others. Elizabeth Yin of Hustle Fund on how to get momentum on your raise at pre Seed and Seed…Read more.

Productivity is personal

Remote work has taught us some things and learned how to support entirely new ways of working. But what does it mean to be productive? Tracking hours or widgets isn’t what signals an individual’s or a team’s productivity. Nicole Forsgren of Github shares a framework for measuring workplace productivity…Read more.

The Chief of Staff is trending

Considering hiring for a Chief of Staff or a Chief of Staff role and want to hear the experiences of other Chiefs of Staff in their own words? Given the high exposure to the executive and diversity of the job, the Chief of Staff role is becoming increasingly more popular. But being a Chief of Staff can be lonely. Vedika Jain of Weekend Fund asked 25 CoS about their roles and experience…Read more.

How to interview your employer

How much time do you invest into really getting to know your new employer before you commit? Unlike most relationships, a company’s unlikely to change for you. When you sign an offer, you’re choosing to enter a world you don’t control. Linda Zhang shares high-signal questions to learn the truth before you commit years of your life. 
Read more.

Go-to-market tactics

Devising an effective go-to-market strategy requires thinking beyond traditional approaches towards growth, which are often not optimal for category-defining startups. Angel investor Olga Maslikhova devised 6 tactical guidelines for your GTM and why you should start small and focused…Read more.

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