Let's talk product-led growth

Hi there Femstreet folks! I am Sandhya Hegde, a Venture Capitalist at Unusual Ventures, where I lead investments in B2B software. Founded in 2018, Unusual is silicon valley’s first full-service seed fund giving technical founders unparalleled GTM support across critical services like recruiting, sales, marketing, community and product-led growth. Our portfolio includes unicorns like Webflow, Carta, Harness and Arctic Wolf Networks. Prior to Unusual, I was an executive at Amplitude, a leader in product analytics and helped scale the business 30x in ARR. At Amplitude, I built and led teams across Growth, Marketing and New Products. While there, I also founded Amplify, the world's leading product-led growth conference with over 10k+ annual attendees and was a Product Strategy coach for many Fortune 100 companies including Walmart, Ford and NBC. 

Over the past 6 years, I have been at the forefront of the product-led movement that has swept the world of enterprise software startups. Today I am here to chat with you all about testing your own startup ideas and how to set up a modern GTM motion for a SaaS startup. 

If you are an early stage leader or considering starting your own enterprise software company with product-led growth, here are a few things to consider: 

  1. Find Hair-on-Fire problems - With increased access to financing, there has been an explosion of new B2B software startups over the past few years. Before you launch your company or new product, make sure you are tackling a hair-on-fire problem for your customers. Most startups and products die because they don’t have enough market pull.   

  1. Build Products that are Easy to Learn (vs Easy to Use) - With the consumerization of enterprise software, there has been an increasing focus on making B2B tools easier to use. However, some of the most valuable work tools are often not intuitive and have a learning curve. Successful product builders today are investing in making their products easy (and desirable) to learn.

  1. Invest in Success before Sales - The days of the traditional top-down, relationship-based software sale are fast drawing to a close. While the Sales function will always be crucial for most B2B companies, the newest breed of successful startups are investing early in success to drive higher ROI from layering on sales. 

I am excited to chat more with you about the nitty-gritty of these trends and exactly how to approach them! Post your questions below 👇