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Solo GP power alert: Brianne Kimmel’s Work Life Ventures just filed papers for its next fund of $60M, that’s a big step up from her first $5M vehicle. I am sure we will hear more soon. The woman behind the new Instagram account Dimepiece. Why your deal flow is likely not diverse enough. Advice to aspiring (female) founders. Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes’s criminal fraud trial has been postponed by six weeks to accommodate her pregnancy. Are we moving towards a creative digital utopia? What a venture-backed CEO negotiating for tens of million of dollars looks like. A pre-seed guide of things to know before starting a company. Goldman Sachs invests $10B in the new 'One Million Black Women' initiative. Roblox is at the nexus of digital currencies and the creator economy. Li Jin from Atelier Ventures created and sold her first piece of NFT art ‘The Creator Middle Class’.


From new grad to Partner: Unshackled Ventures promotes Maria Salamanca to Partner.

Obvious Ventures promotes Femstreeter Meera Clark to Principal.

Elevate your brand

DRVE invests in ambitious brands to scale online revenue with smart capital, systems and expertise.

Many investors focus on growth at any cost but DRVE’s investment approach is different: they combine capital and expertise to optimize companies’ online growth and amplify sales. Their goal is to partner up with founders for the long term and they can provide additional capital to scale operations, inventory, or expansion. The DRVE portfolio includes global companies from the consumer goods, lifestyle, luxury, electronics, IoT, and beauty sectors. 

Learn more about their high-growth investment program here.

From The Investor

A beginner’s guide to DAOs

Decentralized autonomous organizations are one of the most interesting use cases enabled by crypto. Linda Xie of Scalar Capital gives a high-level overview of what DAOs are, how they compare to traditional companies, why they are interesting, and showcases some of their potential use cases…Read more.

Defensible Machine learning

B2B machine learning companies are an enigma: they have the opportunity to revolutionize how we do business, but they look & feel quite different from their traditional SaaS counterparts and have proven difficult to scale. Alana Anderson of Base Case Capital demystifies the challenges of building an enduring ML company by providing a simple framework and walks through potential pitfalls…Read more.

The aftermath of product-led organizations

What will be the aftereffects of product-led organizations? As modern enterprises explore newer GTM motions, responsibilities for customer relations fueling renewals and expansions will land harder on the Customer Success teams. Eva Nahari of DNX Ventures on why Customer success organizations will be the most important customer relationship organization and SRE will become a CxO top-line item…Read more.

What really matters for early-stage startups

Great early-stage startup founders are founders who can execute and have their singular focus on product, growth and runway. They often have novel insights for the future and build differentiated products. Yun-Fang Juan of Brighter Capital shares what really matters and what founders need to bring to the table to make her invest…Read more.

The real rockstars of SaaS

Demand for development has only grown, and talent hasn’t kept up. There are 19m developers globally to build for and to sell to. Shamillah Bankiya and Virginia Pozzato of Dawn Capital explore why they are increasingly the most important buyers for everything related to building software…Read more.

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From The Founder and Operator

Perils of advice

Picking a mentor isn’t easy. You don’t want to be the one asking hard, annoying questions of people you admire. Linda Zhang of Faire on how you can effectively approach mentors and better understand their psychology…Read more.

Onboarding in public

Deborah Liu, is ‘onboarding in public’ to her new role as CEO of Ancestry. She shares her experience of getting started in a new exec role and framework for a simple 30-60-90 day plan…Read more.

Community spark

Rosie Sherry from Indie Hackers just joined Orbit. With her departure, the team shared seven lessons you can implement today to build an authentic community… Read more.

Design, don’t react

Design requires time and focus. A key path to growth is constantly challenging your own designs. Cee Cee Biddlecombe of Beamery spoke with 59 senior User Experience practitioners to pick their brains on how to improve your design craft …Read more.

Hosting exciting events (as an introvert)

Are you an introvert and prefer to watch rather than be watched? As an introvert, the secret to hosting a great event is to structure it so the excitement is built in. It's all planning. Cecilia Razak of Spotwalk shares how you can build in interaction and engagement and make rules…Read more.

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Becoming an Effective Manager

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Non-Traditional Paths to Venture Capital

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Secrets of Scale: Insights from the world's hypergrowth CROs

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