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New event: Femstreet member Sari Azout is launching something new next week - join us for a Q&A on Substack on June 16th at 6pm GMT with Sari to talk about her new project Ghost Knowledge, the future of media, curation, knowledge networks, and the ownership economy. RSVP here. Learning to say no. Version One, co-led by Angela Tran, launches $70M Fund IV and a $30M Opportunities Fund II. WTF is Angel investing? Blockchain Ladies Club. Welcome to the post-sellout era. An unconventional, informal, and highly inclusive executive decision-making method. Founder of The RealReal proves unicorns aren’t just for young tech bros. Boost your data science learning. VC pledged to 'do better' on diversity. But it's barely changed.

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What founders, startup operators, and investors are talking about…

What to expect in a Seed to Series B marketing role

No matter what role you’re hired for—product marketing, content marketing, growth marketing—you’ll have to do things that are outside of your “job description.” Emily Kramer, formerly Asana & Carta on how to do well in your marketing role…Read more.

Your Northstar metrics

Selecting product metrics that matter is a journey, not a destination. Just as the product itself, product metrics need to be iterated. There are many product frameworks available to help us think about the right key things to track. Cláudia Delgado of httpie is diving into metrics that matter…Read more.

Why is everyone talking about DAOs?

After a few years of obsessing over creators, VC Twitter has moved on to the next phase of the simulation: the Collaborator Economy. A DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is described as a group organized around a mission that coordinates through a shared set of rules enforced on a blockchain. Halle Kaplan-Allen of AngelList on the history of DAOs and why we need to approach new tech with skepticism…Read more.

Infusing life beyond pixels

In 2020, the App Store ecosystem alone facilitated $643B in billings and sales, up 24% from 2019. And while we have reached a massive scale of adoption, it seems that a wave of creativity has yet to sweep our mobile devices into a new era. Marie Dollé on the need for more apps that are rethinking mobile experiences in a multisensory context, which can open the way to more digital creativity…Read more.

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Do we need another community tool?

The internet has democratized community-building — communities of all kinds, including Femstreet, can now be built and scaled entirely (or almost entirely) digitally. Femstreet uses Substack, Slack, Luma, Gatheround, Notion, etc…Why so many tools? Existing community tools are focused on a single-use case in the community stack and this is preventing many communities from reaching their full potential. Lisa Xu of FirstMark on why communities need a platform that sits at the center of the community builder’s universe…Read more.

The minority is the majority

Investing in under-represented groups has the potential for greater networking effects, which translates to faster growth for companies by lowering acquisition costs and facilitating referral networks. Aubrie Pagano of Alpaca VC and Lolita Taub of The Community Fund share a powerful analysis on why underserved communities are a massive addressable market and why more investors need to pay attention to under-represented groups…Read more.

The 3h remote brand sprint

Making progress in the chaos of a startup is often about finding a minimally viable process that gets you to a decision. Developing a brand is hard, especially with remote teams. Merci Victoria Grace, formerly Slack and LSVP shares a template that helps you quickly define a brand that’s authentic to your team…Read more.

Why is now all about “product-human need fit”

Post-Covid, it’s only natural to assess what happened and how that has changed us. New priorities and needs have emerged. Opportunity for innovation is vast, but winners won’t be defined by product-market fit, they will strike product-human need fit. Eurie Kim of Forerunner Ventures encourages all founders to think about what human need do you serve, and how important is that need to people in a post-Covid era…Read more.

Getting buy-in for your next idea

Ever shared a new recommendation with your team and ended up being met with confused stares and irritated faces? Femstreet member Shivani Berry of Ascend shares three common reasons leaders fail to get buy-in and how to avoid these pitfalls through co-creation, presence, and storytelling and move up faster in your career.…Read more.

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