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Whoop whoop 22-year-old grad Paige Finn Doherty raised $1.6M to invest in underrepresented entrepreneurs with Behind Genius Ventures. How Algolia's CEO Bernadette Nixon wants to take on Google in Search. Whitney Wolfe Herd says female CEOs are held to a higher standard and says that discourages women from launching ventures. Sequoia and BLCK VC are partnering to support the next generation of Black investors. A Customer Success magazine that challenges the status quo. How Anjali Sud reinvented Vimeo. Looking for the natural next steps. Stephen and Ayesha Curry are joining the advisory council for Goldman Sachs' One Million Black Women initiative. Privileged, yet excluded. Activists Ellen Pao and Tracy Chou explain the double-edged sword. How to avoid being rejected by investors. Energy management tips for high-performers.

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What founders, operators, and investors are talking about…

Burn out in Tech

Overwork culture is thriving; we think of long hours and constant exhaustion as a marker of success. Irina Stanescu wants to help others not go through it and wrote about internal psychology and causes for burnout…Read more.

Engineer by Day, Venture Capitalist by Night 

For the past three years, Casey Caruso had two jobs: she worked full-time as an engineer at Google and part-time as an investor at Bessemer Venture Partners. Here is how she navigates between operating and investing, including a template for monthly reflections and how to organize your calendar…Read more.

Why Apple is holding back the creator economy

More creators could be making apps and money if it were not for Apple policies. What would creators’ lives be like if Apple’s 30% take rate hadn’t made it less economical for them to get direct support from fans? Li Jin of Atelier Ventures on why Apple’s gatekeeper status is holding back the growth of the creator economy and what it can do to help creators…Read more.

The future of the Internet

“The assumption underlying today’s winner-takes-all dynamic relies on creators being judged by a talent standard. But talent is the name we give to people who best deliver what we prefer, and we don't always agree on what's best. Winner-take-all outcomes happen in markets with forced standards and received expert opinion. Today, platforms and a select few “influencers” have taken on the role of “expert” taste-making.” Sari Azout of Level VC & Startupy on what the unbundling of Internet communities means for talent and the potential to reshape how value is created, shared, and distributed.…Read more.

Scaling your sales organization

You may have made your first sales hires, but yet there isn’t a strong underlying process or motion in place to support predictable growth? Stripe’s Jeanne DeWitt Grosser on buffalo, whales, and when it might make sense to develop specialized roles…Read more.

Jade roll your bank account

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that my skincare regime includes Jade rollers and Gua sha. Finding a skincare routine that works for you is a lot like finding a financial advisor that works for you. Kelsey Willock of Tardi App is going to help you figure out and execute your financial goals, minus the hours of endless scrolling…Read more.

How to write a resume that converts even if you’re not “qualified”

What does a great resume look like? How do you stand out? To write a resume that converts, it helps to understand the psychology of your audience. Every step in the hiring process is essentially engineered to de-risk you. Linda Zhang guides you through the process of writing a killer CV helping you secure your next big gig…Read more.

Fundraising process without YC

If you are not a YC founder you do not have the benefit of Demo Day to help with your fundraising. Therefore, you need to create your own mini Demo Day by creating momentum. If momentum is what you are after, then velocity is the first thing you need. Holly Liu on how to prioritize speed…Read more.

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