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Unicorn alert! Daily Harvest, the frozen foods business led by CEO Rachel Drori, is the latest startup unicorn. After a recent funding round, $250M in revenue last year, the company is now valued at $1.1B. Stytch, an API-first passwordless authentication startup co-founded by Julianna Lamb, secured a $90M Series B, pushing the company over the $1B valuation line. ZenBusiness, a one-stop guided platform tailored for entrepreneurs, co-led by Shanaz Hemmati, raises $200M in Series C, valued at $1.7B. Brit and Dave Morin’s new VC firm Offline Ventures raised a $100M fund. Quiz time: What's your startup diversity score? Remote work and the rise of the ‘mommy track’. Which financial services should actually be embedded? How to get people lining up to buy from you. Think Different. Think Users.


The mattress business Casper goes private after a not so successful IPO, and puts president Emilie Arel in the CEO job.

Modern home management platform Thumbtack hires Priya Nagarajan as VP of Finance. 

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What founders, startup operators, and investors are talking about…

Why you should treat your career like an external product, and the hidden costs of quick wins

There’s a new power player in town: differentiated talent. When your career is an external product, you sharpen your radar for finding problems at large. Linda Zhang on why you should extend your value to the broader market and the hidden cost of building fragile career capital…Read more.

Creating an efficient marketing function

Startups spend way too much time creating fuel and sacrifice building out an efficient engine, or vice versa. This happens through hiring the wrong mix of people and choosing the wrong mix of marketing activities. Emily Kramer and Kathleen Estreich of MKT1 on how to get the fuel-engine combo right through marketing strategy and hiring…Read more.

“A study released by Gemini earlier this year found the average cryptocurrency owner is a 38-year-old male making approximately $111,000 a year. In addition, 74% of crypto holders are men, and 71% are white.”

Is the promise of Web3 a more inclusive tomorrow?

Gating communities and content behind paywalls and out of reach token prices doesn't help. Yet, the promise of web3 lies in an opportunity to do things differently, to elevate underserved communities and provide avenues for wealth creation and distribution. Kinjal Shah of Blockchain Capital explores tangible steps towards a more inclusive world…Read more.

A profile page that will deliver value to your users

Everyone wants network effects. A profile page can be an essential element to this — just imagine Github or Twitter without a profile page. Would people still join? Shripriya Mahesh of Spero Ventures on the key choices and the behaviours your profile page creates for your users…Read more.

A guide to getting promoted - right on time for EOY reviews

What does it take to get promoted? Create an environment for yourself that allows you to be consistently and visibly recognized. Kelly Snodgrass received three $20k+ raises and promotions within 5 years, and takes you through the proven steps to getting promoted…Read more.

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