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A phenomental portrait of Li Jin of Atelier Ventures, the investor guru for online creators. Apple shut down a Slack channel discussing pay equity but kept the one about funny dogsAdmiration for the girlboss trope has all but died out amongst the movement's intended audience. Snowbricks and Dataflake: The next SAP and Oracle? Abba is back. Canva says employees will only need to come to the office 8 times a year. At Stitch Fix, stylists and algorithms face off. Cisco Aspire Fund invests in Work-Bench’s latest fund to promote diversity in enterprise tech. What an ethical data strategy can look like. How to create an NFT collection, a beginner guide. Diversifying startups and VC power corridors. How to pivot your way to product/market fit.

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Cutting Churn and Saving $100k

From improper file types to messy Excel data, Inkit's support team was wasting several hours per day helping customers with data import issues. “We had two clients that were paying upwards of $30,000 a year,” Inkit CEO Michael McCarthy said, “and were going to churn if we didn’t solve this.” Flatfile's data onboarding platform enabled Inkit to upgrade from their obsolete data importer in less than a week. The result? At least 30 support hours saved per week with a cost-savings of over $100,000. "I could see a bigger company looking at a million dollars a year in cost savings."

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What founders, startup operators, and investors are talking about…

7 questions to ask a reference and become a better manager

Most people think reference checks are useless. Because they're doing it wrong. Focus on getting intel that will help you be an impactful manager. Amanda Natividad of Spark Toro on the questions to keep in your back pocket for the next time you hire and set yourself up to be a great manager to that person…Read more.

Social token paradox

Web3 is rethinking the Internet. Today, decentralized communities, or DAOs, are primarily valued proportionally to their token price. Gaby Goldberg of Bessemer Venture Partners on why tokenized communities are incentivized to uphold exclusivity and why decentralized communities of tomorrow will be centered around what we do, instead of what we have…Read more.

Where to start to find product-market fit

You have such an excellent concept/product/service, so why is there no Product-Market Fit (PMF)? Where did it all go wrong in your growth journey? Daphne Tideman of Heights shares a step-by-step guide to finding PMF…Read more.

Documents aren’t built for discussion

Writing documents is a standard part of most work today. But today’s document tools aren’t built for discussion. We’ve seen so many improvements in how you can write docs like collaborative editing, relational tables, fancy blocks, and more. These features are powerful but they incentivize us to polish and present our ideas. We should spend less time writing documents and more time discussing the ideas. Ayesha Bose of Threads on why documents don’t work for discussions…Read more.

How a pre-revenue company should project financials

A VC backable startup should be able to achieve $25M revenue in 5 years, at a minimum. Your model should support how you achieve these levels of revenue based on your unit pricing and the sales + support staff required to execute. Gale Wilkinson of Vitalize VC helps you with your projections…Read more.

ompanies that create value from thin air by helping markets internalize externalities

Wendy Xiao Schadeck of Northzone on why the next wave of startup value creation will come from better attributing value to individual market participants, thus improving market efficiency and creating value from thin air and how this applies to business models in healthcare, crypto, identity, and infrastructure…Read more.

Secrets of the best performing teams

Emily Hackeling of Front explores the habits of high-performing teams to understand their communication patterns, working styles, and the interpersonal behaviors that set them apart from the rest…Read more.

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