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Hi - thank you for opening. Happy Memorial Day Weekend to those who celebrate. I’m Sarah and this is the 183rd edition of Femstreet, a weekly newsletter featuring must-read content by female CEOs, operators, and investors. This issue is full of goodies to bookmark, inspiration, and opportunities. If you enjoy the content, please like it above and share it with friends. You da best!


This week we are celebrating not one but two female-led companies going public: Vimeo led by the Indian-American Anjali Sud had its stock market debut. AND Direct-to-consumer medical apparel company FIGS, founded by Heather Hasson and Trina Spear raised nearly $581 million in its IPO. It is the first-ever company taken public by female co-founders. Collab Capital closes $50M debut fund to back Black founders. How to build a great team from scratch. The value of being uncomfortable. Accolade Partners raised a $200M fund to invest in funds started by underrepresented groups. VC firm Lerer Hippeau names four (!) new women partners. Reframing the female founder narrative. Because everyone has a right to get into the game: Paige Finn Doherty launches Seed to Harvest to demystify venture for adults and kids. Why $1k angel cheks matter. Let’s stop romanticizing the entrepreneur dream.

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What founders, startup operators, and investors are talking about…

What product leaders should do when sh*t hits the fan

According to Tatyana Mamut, three frameworks led to her success: Staying focused on customers, prioritizing the big rocks and not getting distracted, and the right North Star metrics to stay accountable to the long-term vision. Bonus: She also shares how to your first product leaderRead more.

“The Hamburger Model combines the best of two separate methods, and can help provide a path toward a goal of achieving $1B+ in revenue over time. Like a hamburger, the meat (your product), is the most important element — but it doesn’t work without the buns (bottom-up and top-down sales strategies). This is no keto diet!”

The 🍔 GTM

The best Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies for startups are like hamburgers: The bottom bun: Bottom-up GTM; The burger: Your Product; The top bun: Enterprise Sales. In the Hamburger GTM Model, your product is the meat. ­Caryn Marooney of Coatue on how to best implement the model successfully at your company.…Read more.

New frontiers for NFTs

After being non-existent in 2019, NFT Art trading hit $115M in 2020 and has already 7x’d in the first 5 months of 2021. We are currently shifting from creating NFTs to using NFTs. They are keys to exclusive content and opportunities and rather than passively consuming content, fans now create content. Maria Shen of Electric Capital on interesting emerging ways of using NFTs…Read more.

The trillion-dollar paradox

“You’re crazy if you don’t start on cloud.” is the dominant narrative...But Sarah Wang of a16z shows it hurts the share price of public companies on the order of hundreds of billions and why you might just be crazy to stay on it at scale. The impact to market cap (to the tune of hundreds of billions) changes the calculus…Read more.

Should consumer social founders raise funding off a TestFlight?

Running a TestFlight has become THE strategy for new social apps. It's not uncommon to see startups raising a seed or Series A pre-public launch. But being in TestFlight can skew your metrics, making it tough for you (& investors!) to know if you've found product-market fit. Justine and Olivia Moore of CRV on why a private beta can skew your metrics — and how to respond to investors’ questions about it…Read more.

How this first-time solo female founder raised an $11M seed

There are fewer examples of female solo founders — or even female CEOs — who have successfully raised large amounts from venture capitalists, and especially in Biotech. Celine Halioua of Cellular Longevity just did it and recommends you to not try to learn all the patterns/social etiquette on your own, to acknowledge the risks, and to not be tempted to minimize timelines, $ to milestone, etc to satisfy the VC…Read more.

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