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Common Room launches with $52M in funding. Harlem Capital raises fund two of $134M. Canvas Ventures led by Rebecca Lynn raises $350M. Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake says changes are here to stay. The awesome tech job hunting list. Remapping the old art world with NFTs. Asian Americans in tech say they face ‘a unique flavor of oppression’. A VC shares how to price your product. Are SPACs overheating? Writing content people want to read. Apple’s Siri will stop defaulting to a female voice. Women-run health care startups finally break through with venture investors. Meet Laela Sturdy of CapitalG. Three ways VC firms can construct sustainably diverse portfolios. First steps to take as a community officer. Your personal flywheel. Risks aren’t risky.


Jessica Alter is joining Figma as VP of BD.

EQT Ventures promotes Laura Yao to Partner.

B Capital Group will launch in China under the leadership of new general partner Daisy Cai, a former Partner at Softbank.

From The Investor

Welcome to (the New) Wall Street

We are seeing a generational shift from an era of institutional dominance to the ongoing retail reckoning. Tomorrow’s traders will look very different than those of the past. Meera Clark of Obvious Ventures on the transformation of the trading floor, equal access to alternatives and innovation in Investor Relations…Read more.

How to build a great team

Hiring the right people is the most important thing a founder can do. In every candidates, look for technical skills, the ability to perform at a high level, and cultural fit. Nicole Quinn of Lightspeed Venture Partners on the secrets of finding great employees…Read more.

Distribution conversion models for consumer startups

The next era of Internet giants is on the horizon. But what powers the tectonic shifts that create these earthquakes? Distribution and conversion. Talia Goldberg of Bessemer on the evolution of the internet distribution and tactics…Read more.

“As we grew up, we stopped worrying about our competition and focused on our users. And those users gave us the insights — from which courses to produce, to new product lines to release — that catapulted the business ahead.”

From pre-business model to IPO

Julia Stiglitz of GSV Ventures shares five lessons from her time at Coursera that helped the company grow from 0 to $150m in revenue within 6 years…Read more.

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From The Founder and Operator

Why the best products and leaders are never heroes

A startup is designed to grow fast. Unlike a real baby, it can become a teenager overnight. And a teenager doesn’t need a hero, it needs a guide. Linda Zhang of Faire says your customers and teammates want to be the hero, so the greatest opportunity is to help them get there, be the Yoda to their Skywalker…Read more.

Resolving disputes in a company

Humans quite literally have been disputing since, well, even before the beginning of humans. Cat Noone of Stark argues the reasons disputes over product or team-related matters generally boil down to fact-based, interpersonal disputes and a mix of both (with interpersonal overshadowing the facts). Here is how to tackle them…Read more.

Easiest way to dive into developer advocacy

Have you ever wondered what Developer Advocates do? The best developer advocacy sheds a positive light on the product offering. Tessa Kriesel of Fast on the benefits of engaging with your favorite product company and how to get their attention…Read more.

How to retain customers when things go sideways

When times get tough, companies that show up for their customers quickly become the new favorites. How you treat people during the hardest of times will be remembered well after the dust has settled and determines your road ahead. Here are three ways to emphasize customer experience to better gain and retain customers when things go sideways…Read more.

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