Lessons as a first-time founder; Decentralized autonomous media networks; A framework for work decisions

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Edtech Entity Academy that trains, mentors and places women in tech roles, raises $100M. The pandemic put a spotlight on the need to invest in women founders. How a yearbook design company became one of the world's most valuable startups. The Mom Project, a Job Board for mothers, gets $80M to grow. Female founders share the challenges of launching a firm. Coders, analysts and founders are trying to steer digital currencies toward a more inclusive future. What it looks like when you pursue a strategy for your business based on your personal goals. One of the few Arab American women in VC. Studs announces $20M Series B led by Spark Capital to build hip piercing studios. Sari Azout on building emotional capital. How to automate capital calls. a16z’s Katie Haun says it’s not possible to do crypto part time. Embedded fintech. Startup templates to bookmark. Impostor syndrome and what you can do about it.

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What founders, startup operators, and investors are talking about…

A framework and exercise for career and work decisions

The “Great Reshuffling”, the “Great Resignation”, the gig and creator economy, web3, NFTs, DAOs, the broader shift to remote work are driving many to consider career and work changes. And while it’s the wild west of opportunity for some, there are real challenges to these decisions for many. Kat Cole of Focus Brands shares her framework that helps you move more confidently through opportunities you create for yourself or receive…Read more.

What B2B companies can learn from B2C

In short: a lot! GitLab’s Hila Qu walks you through how B2C and B2B growth strategies compare across each phase of the customer journey from acquisition to retention and expansion…Read more.

“B2B companies tend to focus too much on companies and decision-makers and not enough on users. B2B companies could borrow some of B2C’s ‘found factor’ to reach more end-users directly.”

Decentralized autonomous media networks

The next step-function innovation in consumer crypto will be decentralized autonomous media networks. If DAOs represent the next evolution of the corporation, DAMNs represent the next evolution of networked media. Gaby Goldberg of TCG on how a DAMN works and what it looks like…Read more.

Decoding product-led growth

With so much hype around PLG today, Sarah Waldner of GitLab, Katie Szeto of Figma, and Kelly O’Shaughnessy of Airtable talk about lessons learned from collaboration with product, sales & marketing, onboarding new users to becoming successful user to ultimately becoming a paid user…Read more.

9 essential lessons as a first-time founder

The whole path of founding a startup is nerve-wracking. Ritika Mehta of The Visualist failed two products, sold one, and now shares some why not every idea requires validation, and why your growth isn’t going to be consistent…Read more.

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