To build in public or not; Why “validate your idea” is bad advice

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Athlete turned entrepreneur: Olympian Allyson Felix launches her own shoe company, backed by Redpoint Ventures. “We’re designing products for women, by women, and we pride ourselves on having an equitable, majority-women team.” Vedika Jain and Ryan Hoover close Weekend Fund III. Creativity is dead, long live curation. Programs for emerging managers. Welcome to the 10th House. Linktreet’s Passion fund. A love letter to enterprise founders. Veo CEO Candice Xie is building a sustainable scooter company, and it’s working. Your guide to understanding stock picking. The story of a first-time founder who also juggles an investor hat. Join the marketer syndicate on AngelList. How a Black female edtech founder attracted $12.1M in venture capital. How Canva became an unexpected pandemic winner. Women-led crypto data firm Kaiko raises $24M series A. Key to a successful marketing campaign. Who will build consumers a debt dashboard?

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What founders, startup operators, and investors are talking about…

Why “validate your idea” is bad advice

“Validate your idea” nudges you to prove that you are right, which makes you extra vulnerable to false positives. Here’s a reality check: real validation only comes after launching. Before then, de-risking your idea is the best way to save time. Linda Zhang on how to best reframe your idea as a series of risks…Read more.

DeFi-ing the rules of traditional finance

Cryptocurrency and blockchain promise to decentralize and democratize finance. While there’s been significant innovation, risks remain. Natalie Luu of Lightspeed Venture Partners on the future of decentralized finance…Read more.

Building in public is itself a story that sells your product

When building in public you’re not only documenting the process but also build your own brand and become your own PR. Founder’s build in public, share their struggles and vulnerabilities and bring people along with the journey. Ritika Mehta of The Visualist on …Read more.

But to build in public or not… that’s the question, eh?

The interwebs are buzzing with chatter about the aptly titled #buildinpublic approach to product building. How do we decide if it’s for you? Are there risks to this approach? What does it entail? Kanika Tibrewala of obvious shared some insights from a product design perspective to help you evaluate if you should jump onto the building in public train …Read more.

Screw the MVP

Your MVP will never be enough. It does take strength to put in front of your customer the output of the first iteration of your product. Anca Onuta on the main challenges you’re facing with your MVP and how you can build in an agile way…Read more.

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