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Li Jin of Atelier Ventures shines in the NY Times. 👀 Join her angel investor programme for creators. The Dispo ‘Spark’ didn’t last very long. Take more vacations and stop Friday Zoom calls. BBG Ventures just closed $50M to fund more women-led startups. R/GA Ventures announces its new Coalition Venture Studio to support Black founders. Femstreeter Taylor Majewski launches Glassy. The Stripe for debt raises $5M at $100m post. The invisibility of growing up Asian in America. The $150M plant-based powerhouse. US startups founded solely by female founders raised only $3.2B in 2020. Your Guide to a well balanced closet and portfolio. Stitch Fix hired Sharon Chiarella as CPO. Sharmadean Reid launches a new multimedia company The Stack World. Why insurtech enablers are fairy godmothers. Join the Launch House in LA. Agreements can empower us to live with greater clarity, purpose and passion.

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From The Investor

What’s up with Chinese ☁️

While China's cloud spending is significant in absolute terms, it still lags in relative terms of the US’s total IT spending due to distrust of public cloud, lack of cash, and willingness for adoption for SMEs and enterprises demanding high levels of customization. Lillian Li writes about the state of the Chinese cloud, its installation phases, adoption issues, policy guidance, and the industrial internet…Read more.

The evolving commerce stack

E-commerce continues to rise as a percent of overall purchasing and buying behaviors shifts leading to new trends such as Headless and Modular commerce. There continues to be a push and pull between ease of store creation vs. customization and site performance. Taylor Brandt at Redsea Ventures recently transitioned from commerce to VC and dives into commerce-enabling technology trends…Read more.

New human interaction needs

Couldn’t dial into Demo Day last week? We’ve notices there were many companies tackling (unsurprisingly) “from home consumption”, manufacturing and the democratization of investing - a la “we are the robin hood for X”. Eva Nahari shared her observations on new themes emerging……Read more.

Remix culture

Inventions are rarely if ever, created from scratch. Remixing ideas and innovations makes us collectively stronger, which is pretty exciting because technology is making this increasingly easier. With the acceleration of remixing and collaboration of people who may not have otherwise met just a decade ago, there is the potential to arise new communities and subcultures that do not currently exist. Maria Salamanca and Jomayra Herrera explore the opportunity in leveraging remixing and the drivers that are enabling its acceleration in the creator stack…Read more.

Buying stuff from influencers?

Who helps you selecting the latest Vitamin C Serum or $200 sweatpants? We need help to curate and our trust increasingly lies in the hands of influencers to navigate the retail jungle. Beata Klein explores how and why influencers are changing the landscape of the retail storefront, and the startups emerging to support them…Read more.

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From The Founder And Operator

"We used north stars at Lyft for everything from small improvements to a complete transformation of the rider experience.”

You are a PM and have a hard time working with designers?

The overlap between PMs and designers is a benefit. But they often have very different approaches to achieving goals, which can lead to friction in collaboration. Katie Dill of Stripe, formerly Airbnb and Lyft, shared her cheat-sheet for PMs on how to effectively work with designers. In short: 1. Invest in even the smallest of north stars 2. Be the conductor 3. Trust the designer's expertise 4. Include designers early  5. Create shared goals…Read more.

The entrepreneur, manager, and doer

Job titles are deceiving; instead, get real about the tasks and the breakdown between entrepreneur, manager and doer. The Entrepreneur teeming with new ideas, the Manager keen on organizing chaos, and the Doer who keeps the gears turning. Here is how you can find the right job, identify super-collaborators and hire better…Read more.

How to hire a great exec coach

The startup world has finally started to catch on to the power of executive coaches. I wrote about the importance of working with a coach in The Athlete CEO piece last year.  Here is how you make sure to select the right one and questions you should ask coaches to figure out the best fit. Read more.

Turning innovation into a brand strength

When done strategically, innovation is a brand strength and driver of equity and value. Ana Andjelic wrote about linking innovation with brand strategy and the scenarios to consider… Read more.

Product teardown on China’s Tiktok

China’s incredibly dynamic tech ecosystem has given birth to some of the most valuable companies in the world, and Douyin is one of them. Patricia Mou and Rui Ma explore the differences between Douyin and Tiktok across content, live streaming, gamification, search, & monetization. Read more.

What’s your entrepreneurial career path?

With the newfound forms of entrepreneurship, there is no roadmap for success. Ellen Donnelly helps you understand the nuances and various types of entrepreneurship afforded by the internet, and how to go about choosing the right version for you…Read more.


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