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LaunchDarkly, co-founded by Edith Harbaugh, raises $200M, and hits a $3B valuation to prevent technical catastrophes. Away founder Jen Rubio on entrepreneurial spirit and new motherhood. 3 ways to get more women into the C-suite. Consumption is the new creativity. The startup-investor matching tool. Uncork Capital hires Susan Liu from Scale Ventures Partners as their newest Partner. Divvy Homes, co-founded by Adena Hefets, hits $2B valuation on new fundraising round led by Tiger Global. A Guide to Product led Growth. A primer for anyone diving into the data ecosystem. The Female Founders’ feminist cool club turned out to be one big circle jerk.

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What founders, startup operators, and investors are talking about…

Curators all the way down 

Now, culture is more decentralized than it’s ever been. Consumers are only getting smarter, and we want something better — better sources, better designs, and better durability (both in value and sustainability). Trust is currency. Gaby Goldberg of Bessemer Venture Partners on the intersection of curation and commerce and why curators are the new creators…Read more.

Why the future of VC is multiplayer

Is Community-driven investing the next wave? Annika Lewis of Vanedge Capital on how web3 is bringing multiplayer mode to investing and why "work-to-play" DAOs should disintermediate VC and syndicates…Read more.

How to not be trapped by promotions

What do you do when you’ve spent years focused on the wrong thing? Does the promotion game damage your ability to learn? Is it possible to look good and get good? To get promoted, you need to show a track record of “wins” leading up to the decision. Linda Zhang on looking good vs. getting good and why you shouldn’t just be focused on constant validation but try new things…Read more.

The creator economy is in crisis. Now let’s fix it.

The creator economy is starting to resemble the gig economy, with the commoditization of workers and economic precarity masqueraded as entrepreneurship. Li Jin of Atelier Ventures on the principles we should uphold going forward to turn things around and build a healthier creator economy…Read more.

The future of user interfaces

We’ve been accustomed to the same basic user interface across all apps and sites for essentially two decades now: a layout with buttons. Those layouts have become slicker over time, but they’re still the same species. Allison Pickens and James Evans from CommandBar on a world where we can translate intent to action through search (Command K) rather than buttons…Read more.

The most destructive advice for female founders

There’s a dark side to creating a standard. If you don’t fit the standard but follow the advice, it can be incredibly dangerous. Holly Liu, ex Kabam, on the top five common pieces of advice given to female founders that can be harmful if followed…Read more.

How to run a product-led sales team

Sales matters at PLG companies! Alexa Grabell at Pocus on best practices for defining what counts as product qualified leads and how to evaluate candidates for each sales role…Read more.

How to build a product that generates meaningful sales leads

One of the biggest PLG myths is that if you build an awesome product, PLG will scale sales all on its own. The reality is that product leaders need to closely collaborate with the sales team in order to build the right PLG motion…from day 1. As a product leader at Cockroach Labs, Timescale, and now Correlated, Diana Hsieh walks you through how she thought about this from a product perspective at each company… Read more.

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