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Away Luggage names Co-Founder Jen Rubio who is 8 months pregnant as CEO ahead of their potential IPO. Let’s celebrate and normalise it! What happened in the stock market this week. Slack’s investigation into executive highlights diversity challenges. How mindset can lead to success. 3 steps to ensure success as a new-hire data engineer at any company. How to build a phenomenon when there’s nothing there yet. Never say never. Venture capital within Stanford’s ecosystem. How to succeed at every stage of startup fundraising. The second wave of DTC is here. Learnings from a junior software engineer.

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From The Investor

“While there have been numerous creator funds that pay successful creators (e.g. TikTok), our hypothesis is that funding the long-tail of creators can create more business impact than funding top creators who can already monetize in myriad ways.”

Enter the universal creative income

Social media platforms enable users to consume a vast universe of creators' work at no expense. But the ad model and digital nature of content have undermined the economic viability of content creation online. Universal creative income is basic income for online creators. Li Jin and Lila Shroff of Atelier Ventures touch on the two broad ways that UCI can come to fruition 1) Platform-funded UCI 2) Crypto UCI, with governance decisions made by the community…Read more.

How ☁️ has won

We all know that enterprise software is sexy - we have seen billion-dollar companies exist across the cloud value chain. But the cloud’s still only been adopted by about 25 percent of businesses — meaning there’s plenty of headroom for further growth. Enterprise software queen Evgenia Plotnikova of Dawn Capital on the state of the market for cloud today and the key trends shaping its future…Read more.

The Series A to C sprint

Early-stage startup journeys are about growth. In most competitive markets, Series A to C is a sprint – it is about getting to and retaining market leadership. While this journey is intense, it is also complex to say the least. Harsha Kumar of Lightspeed Venture Partners shares her thoughts to demystify the process…Read more.

Blurring lines: public and private markets

With a significant wave of start-ups is democratising access to private markets, there is much which private and public investors can learn from one another. Lily Shaw of Omers Ventures on the parallels and differences that can be seen in how private and public market investors view investment decisions…Read more.

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From The Founder and Operator

How to make sure your website is your GTM source of truth

Many websites, especially for early and growth-stage companies, are ineffective. Mainly because they build on the wrong platform and don't treat the site as their marketing source of truth. But your website is your most important marketing asset. Emily Kramer and Kathleen Estreich tell you how to build it right the first time. …Read more.

Why going big can lead to your extinction

How do you raise millions of dollars, delight millions of customers only to be sold to a bootstrapped competitor for $35K? Linda Zhang tells us a real story that unfolded years ago, what customers want (= simple and reliable solutions) vs. what people are incentivized to build and the first big decision founders need to make — and employees should ask about…Read more.

How to decide what to work on so you can actually enjoy your business

Whilst it’s important to care about the problem you are solving as a founder, or the passion you have for the industry, its arguably much more important to understand how the day-day of the business fits in with your strengths and talent. Ellen Donnelly on choosing the right business for you, runing it in the way that suits you and saying no to the wrong opportunities…Read more.

“The greatest trust threat for the next generation isn’t being deceived by deepfakes. The danger is that we will regard almost all information as untrustworthy [...] a state of mind called ‘’reality apathy”

Are you ready for some chaos?

With a 900% YoY growth for deepfake videos online, the trend is set to gain steam and reshape the society in innumerable ways. Marie Dollé analyses how deepfakes are blending in our lives, big business that are diving in and trust issues…Read more.

Featured Jobs

Head of People @GHCO (Remote)
GHCO is one of the fastest-growing liquidity providers specialising in exchange traded funds. As their Head of People you will be in a key strategic position in the company, helping to grow the business and shape a unique culture. Apply here.

Community Lead @Thingtesting (NYC)
Join Thingtesting on its mission to build the go-to destination to discover new brands. Our Community Lead will play a key role in managing new community-first initiatives and nurturing existing ones across our products and channels. Apply here.


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Join us for a (written) Q&A on Substack with Sandhya Hegde, Partner at Unusual Ventures, where she leads investments in B2B software. Prior to Unusual, Sandhya was an executive at Amplitude, a leader in product analytics, and helped scale the business 30x in ARR. Over the past 6 years, she has been at the forefront of the product-led movement that has swept the world of enterprise software startups.

She will join Femstreet to chat with you all about testing your own startup ideas and how to set up a modern GTM motion for a SaaS startup. ​

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