Crash course in marketing goal setting; Inside an A+ board meeting; Basics of minimum viable *legal* venture fund formation

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The comeback of the first-time venture fund. 21 experts on the future of expertise. Revaia, formerly Gaia Capital Partners, closes the biggest female-founded growth VC fund in Europe at €250M. And this all-female leadership raises Iceland’s largest VC fund of $90M. What you must consider before you start your business. Carta competitor Ledgy, led by Yoko Spirig, collects $10M from Sequoia. How Coinbase got its first users - get your users do marketing for you. Community career paths and specializations. It’s hard to keep up with crypto, here’s your Web3 reading list. Toya raises $4M to fuel diverse growth on Roblox. Dig into minimum viable *legal* venture fund formation.


Jane Lippencott joined a16z as crypto Partner.
Bo Ren is joining SVB as Director of Early Stage Startups.
Michelle Zatlyn, Co-founder of Cloudflare, joins Atlassian’s Board of Directors.

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What founders, startup operators, and investors are talking about…

Inside an A+ board meeting

Most early-stage founders learn to run board meetings the hard way — trial and error. So what does a great board meeting look like in 2021 when you are a pre-seed, seed, or Series A company? Elizabeth Weil of Scribble VC unpacks the 5 rules for running unusually great board meetings…Read more.

Identity-aligned interventions

A global pandemic, wildfires, hurricanes, and political unrest. The past 18 months have forced us to face an overwhelming wave of concurrent challenges. The fragility of our healthcare system, it turns out, is in the same club. Meera Clark of Obvious Ventures on the emerging areas in an inclusive healthcare system as beacons of hope…Read more.

How to ask scary questions and find signals in the noise

Why are customers so hard to understand? Building anything new is like being dropped into a maze. Your goal is to stay alive and find the trail that leads to the treasure. That trail is uncovered through talking to customers and building a mental map of the maze. Who are the characters? Where are the dead-ends? Linda Zhang, ex Faire & Snap, on how to better understand what your customers want…Read more.

Crash course in marketing goal setting

If you're just setting revenue or MQL goals, you're doing it wrong. It’s not enough to only have lead and revenue target goals or set goals that aren’t focused on impact—like “make 10 landing pages.” Emily Kramer and Kathleen Estreich, formerly at Asana, Box, Intercom & Carta on how to set effective goals and prioritize marketing work, including a template and goal examples…Read more.

How to build a successful customer journey

Two of the most common causes of churn are a poor onboarding process and clients struggling to accomplish their first “success” using your product. An increasing number of companies are hiring for Customer Success Manager roles earlier than they used to. Leore Spira of Buildots on how to successfully set up your CS function and what to track…Read more.

Vertical fintech is reimagining community

We will likely soon reflect on 2020 as the year that fintech became mainstream. Now that consumers have decided that fintech is here to stay, where do D2C / D2SMB financial services go from here? Emily Man of Redpoint Ventures on the opportunities for the next generation of solutions to re-architect the way that we interact with financial products in our daily lives…Read more.

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