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Welcome to issue No. 169.

Hi from sunny London, it feels like Spring. It’s been a busy week for Femstreet but in case you couldn’t join our Q&A on community-led product growth with Kim Johnson of Geneva last Thursday, you can dive into it the 100 comments here. This event was 🔥


Femstreet friend Li Jin launched Atelier Ventures, her $13M debut fund to invest in the passion economy bringing more influencers and creators into venture capital. Saved from bankruptcy, The Wing (as we once knew it) is now dead. Addie Lerner, ex-General Catalyst and General Atlantic announces her $68M debut fund Avid Ventures. CrowdStrike acquires Humio led by Geeta Schmid for $400M. Black and female founders land 30% of the largest US early stage rounds in 2021. Rose Marcario talks about leaving Patagonia. Carlyle inks $4.1B credit line linked to board diversity. Sapphire Sport welcomes Chloe Steinberg as its newest Partner. Research finds women score higher than men in key leadership skills. How we are turning fertility care on its head, starting with IVF.

The way the build is changing. Anyone can be a tech founder.

You no longer need a computer science degree to start a tech company or have to spend $10k+ on a developer. You just need an idea. Thanks to modern tools like Webflow, Zapier, Bubble, and Glide, coding is now optional.

No Code MBA teaches you how to build powerful apps, websites, and automation using the most popular ‘no-code’ tools. Learn how to build real-world projects like Product Hunt, Tinder, Zillow, and Headspace to get the hands-on skills necessary to build on your own. 

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From The Investor

Are sports cards the future of retail investing?

The next-gen investors are looking for new places to put dollars, as we saw with crypto and now sports cards. Platforms of the third wave of consumer investing empower next-gen with low minimums, content/education, social features, and ways to showcase ownership. Justine and Olivia Moore of CRV analyzed why access to alternative assets is the future of retail investingRead more.

You can start your dream job from your kitchen table

With the rise of no-code tools, you can start a business from anywhere and anyone can be a tech founder. When we work from home, we reconnect with our neighborhood. We get to know our, support local businesses and invest our time and money locally. Small businesses will build locally and sell globally. Brianne Kimmel of Work-Life Ventures on why we are experiencing the first Industrial Revolution from home. Read more.

How to think about Chinese tech product roadmaps

Why is there a fanatic fixation on internet traffic? Why did every consumer app become a super-app? Unlike their Western counterparts, who can build sizable companies being the best-of-breed for different geographies, Chinese tech companies have to focus on owning the user (and funnel) through a combination of buy, build or partnerships (investments) to growRead more.

What’s your company really about?

At the earliest stages, the spine of your company may not be visible to everyone. You should know what your company is really about. On the face of it, you might be a marketplace—but ask yourself, what is your company really about? Shripriya Mahesh of Spero Ventures on why the spine is the deeper intent behind what you’re doing…Read more.

Crypto: Rally or inflection point?

The price of bitcoin and ether, as well as other cryptocurrencies, and on-chain activity have blown past previous all-time highs. Justine Humenansky of Playground Global breaks down by the four distinct narratives that support crypto and whether it may be at an inflection point…or not…Read more.

How to 10x fundraising & operating with Femstreet

Femstreet member Meghna Mann of Mati shared how you can effectively use the Femstreet subscription to maximize operations and fundraising.

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From The Founder and Operator

Tried and true product-led startup advice

While you may need to start with a foundational platform or service, try to create something distinctive quickly that fills a unique need. Keep dreaming your long list but strategically break it up into small pieces of value you can move quickly into your customer’s hands. More tips from Heather Hansson of Docket here… Read more.

Experiential websites are coming! Are you ready? 

For all of us sitting at home, patiently waiting for the world to heal and to get back into our fav cafes and stores - Think hard: What is it exactly that you miss? Whatever *that* is, transpose it to e-commerce you’ll strike gold. Marie Dollé on how to transpose the Supreme, Prada, UniQlo, or FAO Schwartz retail experience into eCommerce…Read more.

Stop being a Generalist

Linda Z on why there are perks to being a generalist but it’s the specialists that rise faster and command more money. A global talent pool means that the bar for “better” will only keep rising. Finding your signature blend of skills is like designing an elevator that helps you rise faster…Read more.

First People, then Process, Product = Profits

How would you prioritize these four things: people, process, product and profit? Julie Penner goes into the best set of priorities that can increase your chance of creating a successful company that takes care of its people, embraces learning, serves its customers well, and makes a lot of money…Read more.

Growth engineers: are they overrated?

Growth Engineers seem like the new gold. Are they? Anh Tho Chuong of Lago on why, when you should hire your first one, and what skills to look for…Read more.

How product analytics maturity feeds a product-led startup strategy

The success of a product-led startup depends on having a crystal clear understanding of the value your product drives for users in the first place. Hannah Maslar of Mixpanel explains why layering in a data-driven approach will help you validate your hypothesis and ensure that the story you’re telling is rooted in reality…Read more.


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