Fundraising vs bootstrapping; What to do when you think your company needs to shut down; How to impress VCs with your financial model

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She Has $281M to invest: How to get Alexa von Tobel's attention. The women making millions off crypto. Loyal, cofounded by Celine Halioua, raised $27M to give dog owners more time with their pets. Start angel inbvesting from $1K, no investor accrediation needed. The architecture of a Web 3.0 application. Women still don't have the “acquisition power” of their male counterparts. Understanding startup offers. 22 reasons investor might have passed on you. The rise of the decentralized startup. A PLG sales compensation guide. The 10 commandments of salary negotiations.

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What founders, startup operators, and investors are talking about…

How to build your founding team with the same motivation and commitment to growth

Before you get into building a great team, you are the master of every job in your startup. Once you hire more people you have to make sure that your company is a place for them to grow along with you and your startup. Ritika Mehta of The Visualist on why it’s important to attract folks with the same value, intent, and goal…Read more.

Do I need a cofounder?

The question of cofounders or co-builders is undoubtedly one of those things that increases that probability manyfold or can drive a demise. We have seen many founding teams break which can easily make you believe that you’re better off running the show alone. Avni Patel Thompson of Modern Village on why it’s always better with the buddy system, but it's worse to force it than to forge it alone…Read more.

What to do when you think your company needs to shut down

Sometimes people think they need to shut down their company, but really they just need a long break from it. Shutting down is a big decision that should be made with clarity of thought - not with stress or emotions. Elizabeth Yin of Hustle Fund on what to consider before making your final decision…Read more.

Fundraising vs bootstrapping: the battle of the century

Fundraising can be a painful process and is not always the right thing for your company. Why do founders decide to go down the path instead of bootstrapping? Leticia Souza of Uploan takes a neutral approach and compares VC fundraising versus bootstrapping side by side…Read more.

Arming the rebels

Will the next big "accounting firm" look more like Shopify than PWC and the next big "law firm" look more like Substack? Not everyone’s talents lay in the creator class. Solo workers venturing out on their own need to feel like they can replace the support of a company model. Seema Amble of a16z looked at how professionals are "going solo" and the need for the vertical-specific creator stack to assist them…Read more.

Trying to impress VCs with your startup model?

Financial models come in all shapes and sizes, and require varying levels of detail, inputs, and outputs depending on company size, stage, and industry. But building the model is only half of it. You’ll also need to be able to share and communicate in a way that inspires trust and brings investors along on your journey. Claire Biernacki of BBG Ventures gives the investor perspective on your model…Read more.

How revenue operations contribute to your GTM Strategy

RevOps fosters cross-functional cooperation to eliminate gaps in the customer experience and grow the business’s revenue - it is critical for bringing agility and achieving the GTM plan’s objectives. Leore Spira of Buildots explains why it’s important in maximizing efficiency and helps you maximize revenue…Read more.

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