Canva: From yearbooks to $40B; How to build your first enterprise B2B marketing team; Tales of crypto adoption

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What a week it’s been: Northzone portfolio company Spring Health raised a $190M Series C at a $2B valuation - this makes CEO April Koh the youngest woman to run a unicorn. From yearbooks to $40B: Canva, co-founded by Melanie Perkins, raises $200M at a $40B valuation, making it the world's most valuable company founded and led by a woman. Mutiny, co-founded by Jaleh Rezaei, raised $18.5M from Sequoia to help B2B brands personlise their websites in realtime. When is technology regulation not technology regulation? The modern tech stack for PLG companies. Calculate employee stock options. A Googlesheet of women led blockchain companies and investors. Why Kirsten Green of Forerunner might not invest in the next Warby Parker. Inside Reach Capital’s edtech-powered returns.


Meagan Loyst, investor at Lerer Hippeau and the brains behind the Gen Z VC Summit has been promoted to Associate. Congrats, Femstreet friend!

Katherine Wu, formerly Notation Capital, joins Coinbase Ventures.

Elena Burger joins the a16z crypto team as a deal analyst.

Evgenia Plotnikova got promoted to General Partner at Dawn Capital, making her the youngest woman promoted internally to the GP position in Europe.

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What founders, startup operators, and investors are talking about…

Tales of crypto adoption

Where are the opportunities for more people to engage in crypto in a capacity that isn’t (just) flipping NFTs, using DeFi, or working for a DAO? Games are cool but people can find better, cheaper games in the app store. Elena Burger of a16z explores emerging ways to make crypto more accessible by lowering barriers to entry…Read more.

The myth of ‘founder DNA’

The media likes to portray an image of the successful founder and that you have to be a certain way to run a company. Whilst there are certain traits and archetypes we see in founders more than others; don’t believe the hype. There is no one size fits all. Here is from Ellen Donnelly how to use your strengths and passions to design your dream business…Read more.

Six ways to change the way we think about meetings in a remote era

Do you still find yourself running Zoom marathons? “Meeting efficiency” is one of the top five drivers of employee engagement during this COVID era. USV alum Bethany Crystal on the 6 ways we might rethink meetings when we are all working from home or in a hybrid setting…Read more.

Ready to build your first enterprise B2B marketing team?

Congrats! Make sure you don’t rush into posting job descriptions. Netta Kivilis of Blue Seedling poses (and answers) four fundamental questions that need to be considered before you hire your first enterprise B2B marketing team…Read more.

Developer experience is the strategic differentiator

Empowering developers to build matters more than ever before. “We’re now seeing the rise of developers: as buyers, as influencers, as a creative class.” Jean Yang of Akita Software shares her take on dev UX and why it’s time to push developer experience across multiple stakeholders…Read more.

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