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Cisco-backed Acrew Capital raised $680M with a new late-stage investment fund dedicated to diverse groups. Alloy, co-founded by Laura Spiekerman, raises $100M at a $1.35B valuation to help banks and fintechs fight fraud with its API-based platform. Why you should invest in emerging fund managers. There’s another gender pay gap: Stock options. Long on deal flow, short on cash. Women redefine their career ambitions. An app for menopause. Thirty founders who built fast-growing businesses in spite of forbidding odds. The community playbook for founders. Katherine Boyle, former Partner at General Catalyst, is joining a16z as General Partner. This superstar ran Bumble’s IPO while being treated for breast cancer. Women at Revolut earn ~31% less than men per hour.

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What founders, startup operators, and investors are talking about…

Web3 lets anyone be a David Choe

In 2005, David Choe painted murals in Facebook’s Palo Alto office and earned $60K…in stock and that $60K turned into more than $200M when Facebook IPO’d in 2012. What if anyone could be David Choe? Dariya Khojasteh of Layer3 on how DAOs unlock this possibility.…Read more.

The power of storytelling

In this world, where we are limited on everything and always looking for shortcuts, we seek quick ways to easily express what we want to say. A tweet, a one-liner, a website landing page. Natasha Lytton of Seedcamp on why there’s a story behind every product feature, we’re just terrible at telling it.…Read more.

Evolving SaaS billing and pricing

It’s clear that we are on the cusp of yet another shift in enterprise billing and pricing. What enterprise SaaS subscription pricing looked like 10 years ago is no longer the same. Companies are now mostly being charged based on their actual consumption of the product. Priyanka Somrah of Work-Bench has mapped out the evolution of billing and pricing infrastructure in the age of PLG…Read more.

What is it like to build something and then nobody uses it?

The problem isn’t in the idea, it’s the distribution and user understanding. You need to understand users in such a way that you can anticipate how they would react, use and talk about your product, and create a complete mental map of their behaviour. Ritika Mehta of The Visualist on how to talk to and influence your users…Read more.

Finding, interviewing, and closing C-level talent

Recruiting executive- and board-level talent to venture-backed startups is a competitive and ever-changing process. Holly Rose Faith of Greylock on why a solid (yet highly adaptable) system in place is critical for startups looking to land top leadership talent…Read more.

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