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The Bumble Café is here, your “safe space for healthy and equitable relationships and connections.” Biometric screening company Clear Secure led by Caryn Seidman-Becker made its public market debut on Wednesday, hitting a $4.5B valuation. The Turkish competitor to Amazon led by Hanzade Doğan Boyner listed on Nasdaq valuing the company at $3.9B. Willow Growth Partners raises an inaugural $28M fund to invest in emerging consumer brands - no billion-dollar exit required. Women’s social network Peanut launches a microfund to invest in pre-seed stage startups. Kikoff raises $30M for its hybrid consumer-credit and financial-literacy service. Daylight raises millions to build a digital banking platform ‘designed for and by’ the LGBTQ+ community. How to pull off big ideas, why success is often hidden. Many promises: The Dark Side of weight loss app Noom. Is it time to blow up the LPA? Tips for diversifying the cap table. The general population is realizing that becoming an influencer or creator is an actual career. How Gwyneth Paltrow turned Goop into a $250M obsession. Why inequality in venture capital can hinder business growth.

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Everyone knows about positioning, but you should also be writing perceptions. Perceptions are a key ingredient in your brand story and marketing strategy, in fact, Emily Kramer and Kathleen Estreich of MKT1 think defining perceptions is a more clarifying and actionable exercise than writing a positioning statement or developing brand values. They guide your marketing efforts, so your company stays focused and tells a repeatable story that is uniquely yours…Read more.

The world would be a better place if everyone followed their passion

You love your hobby and you truly care about it, but you’re afraid to go full time because you still need the benefits? Youtuber Zulie Rane says that if you can get away with it, you should cheat on your job with your side hustle…Read more.

'New’ Series A metrics

Metrics for Series A rounds are much less clear than they used to be and different investors have different frameworks for evaluating Series A opportunities. Annelies Gamble of Scribble VC provides some high-level insights and direction to Seed companies as they begin preparing for their Series A.…Read more.

Omnichannel social

During the pandemic, social products adapted. They created digital-first, natural-world informed experiences to help us find more meaning in our lives. Social experiences now have to be omnichannel-ready, at a moment’s notice. Mercedes Bent of Lightspeed Ventures Partners on the 3 types of omnichannel social products that are transforming the way we think about social experiences and engaging with our world…Read more.

How to connect your vision to reality in your business

What is your vision for your business? If you’re unsure how to answer the question of what your vision is for your business, don’t fret. The narrative of this visionary founder can also be limiting by assuming that to be a worthy founder you need to ‘see’ things no one else can. Ellen Donnelly of The Ask shares how you can capture your vision and mission statement and a Vision to Action template…Read more.

Enterprise sales misconceptions

Let’s just show them the product and they will lose their mind.” Wrong. If you’re used to dealing with SMBs, get ready for a big change in your process. Enterprise sales is a different kind of animal. Amy Volas on the four misconceptions founders struggle with the most when it comes to “going up market.”…Read more.

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