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Mindbody, which sells software to help businesses fill classes and appointments, acquires ClassPass, founded by Payal Kadakia, in all-stock deal and secures $500M investment. Tala, fintech for the underbanked founded by Shivani Siroya, raises $145M to expand globally and into crypto. Reading headlines about record rounds? Women still struggle to get funding. Nine women shaping Venture Capital’s today and tomorrow. Women led NFT project featured at Nasdaq. Female Founders Alliance raises a $10M fund. Learn to say no. Why early 20s is the ‘perfect time’ for women to become entrepreneurs. Oura hires top Peloton marketer Karina Kogan as its first CMO. A crypto optimist meets a crypto skeptic. A letter on learning how to be all the things everyone needs you to be while not losing yourself. How creator platforms are eroding their most important resource. In the Web3 world, you become an expert by building.

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What founders, startup operators, and investors are talking about…

When developer experience depends on the tech

Why doesn't cool programming technology and a good developer experience power more dev tools? Jean Yang of Akita Software says “there's no playbook for iterating on the product at the same time as deep tech—and it's very, very hard.”…Read more.

Tactics for a successful open-source launch

Launching any new product, feature or project takes time and careful planning, a little more than just writing a blog post. Kira Colburn of Work-Bench came up with a repeatable playbook on how to make a splash during an open-source product launch…Read more.

A playbook for hiring the right marketer at the right time

All people are different people, and all marketers are different marketers. You have to figure out which kind of marketer works best for your startup. Maya G. Spivak of Mux is giving a quick primer on the three main marketing pillars: product, growth and brand and how to hone in on the pillar that best fits your startup by aligning your go-to-market strategy and sizing up how the founders’ strengths spike in different areas…Read more.

4 types of docs founders must have in their fundraising data room

If you’re a founder raising capital, having an organized data room shouldn’t be an afterthought. Instead, think of your data room as a way to impress potential investors with your thoughtfulness and sense of organization. Gale Wilkinson of Vitalize Venture Capital on what you should put in their data room…Read more.

Form over function is critical. Neutral colors are also a strategic choice that help increase design longevity. Being flashy may only make sense for short-term campaigns, not enterprise software products.

Why we crave software with style over “branding”

We’re witnessing the reemergence of style in software: the process of humans recognizing and projecting their sense of self onto products — turning inanimate pixels into something with soul. Molly Mielke of Figma on bringing back opinionated software design…Read more.

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