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Meet Krista Kim, the creator of the first NFT house sold for $500k. Black Tech Nation Ventures is a new $50m fund for Black entrepreneurs founded by Kelauni Jasmy. Not Your Boyfriend’s investment advice on dividends. Stats show VC is still a boys' club. Advice for a new VC Associate. From Gaza to Silicon Valley. Why Marie Kondo sparks influencer marketing joy. Blackstone Growth's big Bumble bet. Diving into the new trend of paying money for things that don’t exist. How a younger generation of investors is getting in on deals. The driving forces behind the rise of hybrid work. To launch or not to launch?

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From The Investor

Angel investing, art and science

It’s easy to see the appeal of angel investing, particularly given the proliferation of startup success stories. What’s much harder is to navigate its complexities and the associated risks. Miruna Girtu asked experienced angel investors what they would have liked to know during the early days of their angel investing daysRead more.

Venture is a marathon full of 1-mile sprints; train accordingly

Sarah Holmes of Unshackled Ventures reflects on her first year in venture, vulnerability and why venture is a sales and customer success role…Read more.

“Start with the user journey. Be clear what the user journey is before thinking about pricing and packaging because the optimum pricing and packaging is derived from and maps to the user journey.”

Let the user journey be your guide

Bottom-up companies often don’t have a buyer or a sales team at the beginning, but rather a user journey centered around the product. How should a bottom-up company think about (and get started with) pricing and packaging? Jennifer Li of A16z on how to approach monetization and figuring out the best units for pricing…Read more.

Don't turn on paid marketing too early

PPC and other paid growth marketing can create distractions during customer acquisition discovery. Understand what “intent to purchase” behavior looks like for your customer, what it takes to get them to actually sign up/buy, and how to make them successful—and then reverse engineer their digital pathway to your product.
Read more.

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From The Founder And Operator

The Developer Relations path to success: Awareness, enablement, engagement

In order for a technical individual to succeed with your product, they need to be confident that they have the ability to use your product, or at least the confidence that they can find the resources which will make them successful. Mary Thengvall of Camunda on how you can empower your technical community and the three key functions of developer relations…Read more.

Are you a bottleneck? How founders can limit their company growth

In the beginning, it’s easy. The founder(s) do everything. When you take on the job of knowledge repository or decision maker instead of empowering the people you work with to work without you, you make yourself the bottleneck to company growth. Julie Penner on how to create simple rules, that help people make the right decisions without you…Read more.

The rise of strategic customer support teams

These days you have a higher caliber of person on the Support team than before. They might take on a Support as their first job at a technology company, but these agents often go on to become product people, engineers and operational leaders. We’ve also observed the increasing scope of what Support owns, yet there's a complete lack of tools for scaling a modern Support team. Allison Pickens on why the Support Ops role is taking off and how the role is evolving…Read more.

Best ideas don't win. Best communication of the idea wins, as do the people behind them.

The most powerful communication tool might be a clever meme these days, but at work, it’s still the written word. Writing well supercharges your trajectory. Yet great writing is rare. Easy writing makes for hard reading. Linda Zhang of Faire on how you can invest in editing and treat your reader like a customer…Read more.

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