Sitemap - 2022 - Femstreet

Femstreet's Top Highlights of 2022

The importance of Team KPIs; Optimising for success in your next Growth round; How to plan through career uncertainty

Getting out of the downhill spiral; How not to give an accidental interview; An alternative to attribution models

How to build your leadership team when scaling past 50 employees; Designing next-gen compensation packages; Career resilience & More

How not to drive your company off a cliff; Getting a breakout role; Gen Z VCs

Setting up your GTM tech stack; Feedback is a gift; The ups and downs a hype brings to a brand

Shining with PEARL during interviews; 4 ways Marketing is different from Sales; How will we write in 2030?

Staying competitive with employee benefits; WTF is Marketing Ops; Starting from zero

Turning challenges into wins; Key symptoms of a positioning problem; The new social currency

How to optimise your content distribution; Finding an efficient remote operating rhythm; A framework for timing a token launch

What if TikTok becomes our #1 search destination?; Being a founder and a parent; How The Newsette built a $200M media powerhouse

A framework for finding a design partner; Legal contract negotiation tactics; The evolution of the creator playbook

From growth at all costs to profitable growth; A pricing framework to building products with scalable unit economics; How to use VC backchanneling to your advantage

Growing your company in a resource-constrained environment; Fund marketing 101 for emerging managers; How CMOs can nail a board meeting

A battle-tested GTM launch template; Startup valuation frameworks; Being a parent and a VC

Winning the hiring wars; Build first, strategize second; Three either/or career defaults

Navigating share repricings and down rounds; Mistakes in customer discovery interviews; Marketing tactics to engage your web3 community

Utility tokens from real-world companies; How to avoid a ‘Great Resignation’ fate; Insights into the VC diligence process; DAO inspired community-led marketing

Preparing your GTM for a downturn; From cold start to convincing stories & More

Negotiating your SaaS contracts; The 5 pillars of PEACE; Crypto’s You’ve Got Mail moment

Protection for future down-rounds; The new customer journey; The stories of our blockchain lives

Success at Seed stage board meetings; DAO tooling GTM challenges and tactics; How to increase your confidence and focus as a founder

How to play offensive in a recession; A framework for token design and analysis; Helping teams face uncertainty, burnout and perfectionism

A message to our Femstreet members

How to increase your team’s salaries; Contextualizing the consumer correction

How to on-board yourself when starting a new job; Finance for designers; The Femstreet Talent Collective

Launching The Femstreet Talent Collective

Moving faster as a founder; Venture reserves strategy for GPs; Charting your engineering career path

Scaling in a hypergrowth org; Creating network effects early; and more.

How to position ESOP to new employees; Skills you need as a successful DAO contributor; Renaming your startup

When your inner critic follows you to Web3; How to align your remote team; and more.

Why Web3 hiring is unique; Team dynamics for your Pre Seed round; Building catalytic communities

Designing better equity pools; Assembling the modern finance stack; and more.

Switching careers in a changing world; Scaling from $1 to $10M ARR

How to onboard-from-anywhere, tackle comp challenges, manage performance, and more.

Community composability; Mental models for decision making; The ABC to launch and scale a Web3 company

Piloting a 4-day workweek; Scaling decision-making; Breaking down equity; and more.

A Guide On Web3 Go-To-Market Tactics And Strategies

How to transition into a non-technical web3 role; The New Creator Economy; Your one-pager on how to fundraise

The New Creator Economy

Haun Ventures; How to hire community managers; A week in the life of a DAO core contributor

Growth marketing from Series A to D; Why the best companies are 'talent efficient', and more.

How to win candidates; The future of DAOs beyond tokens; Memes & marketing

Winning candidates in today's talent market; Standardizing VC for fairness; and more.

What winning looks like; How admitting mistakes can make things right; The web3 talent gap

Getting job titles right; Stripe's sales playbook; and more.

Go after decisions that feel scary in the moment; New leadership skills of web3 founders; Demystifying the role of a founding engineer

Modern Billboard launch; Web3's mobile moment; all about NFTs; and more.

Early-stage marketing compensation; DAO Ownership 101; Anatomy of a PM job description

How to achieve an employee NPS of 90; Getting hiring right when it's harder than ever; and more.

Visibility isn’t success; DYOR; Launching an enterprise go-to-market engine in a PLG company

Femstreet speed-friending; Investment opportunities; and more.

Minimum Viable Finance Setup

Navigating hiring projections; Social Tokens and the promise of creator-owned economies; What it means for a founder to do product

New metrics & frameworks for web3 GTM motions; What the ongoing market mayhem means for consumer companies; The Minimum Viable DAO

Planning an exec offsite; Building a sales team for a product-led company; and more

What you should know about a potential macro downturn; The case for pseudonymity online; Becoming a sharper operator

Navigating fundraising when the music stops; Why early operators become the best founders; and more.

The internet’s 3% difference; When to hire and how to judge a CMO and VP Engineering

New opportunities for: investing, fundraising, career coaching, learning finance, and more.

Raising capital as a pseudonymous founder; Hiring in an era of extreme competition; Talking openly about pregnancy at work

Finding alignment during transitions; Learning from 50+ women leaders in Web 3; and more.

Must-have career advice for 2022; Why it's never too early to hire a People Ops leader; and more.