Sitemap - 2023 - Femstreet

How to create buy-in and move immovable things; To Interim CMO or not?; Ten commandments of consumer behaviour

Meet the female leaders running Open AI, Slack & Bumble; Choosing the right marketing channels; A performance review system for your company

A framework for saying "no"; Why SaaS founders should embrace their inner scientist on the path to $1M ARR; Managing Ops teams at high-growth startups

The sales pitch that will transform how you sell your product; How and when to talk about failures; The four pillars of a customer pain narrative

Five LP communication principles; Marketing across borders; How to make history with LLMs

Unlocking the power of money words; Hard lessons from bootstrapping SaaS; A story of pricing, trial retention & purchase UX flows

Fundraise like a sales executive; Mastering the art of negotiation; How to hire your first growth team

Vertical GTM Motions; How to prepare for a new role; Making it easier for prospects to buy your product

Building elephants, not unicorns; How to think like a modern Marketer; Hiring and retaining employees who act more like founders

Creating a coverage plan for your parental leave; Building a true edge; using the NOLS group decision-making framework

Measuring Marketing performance; Building your personal Board of Directors & More

Hiring your first finance leader; How to map your funnel to improve your prospect experience; Breaking down common term sheet terms

Sales methodologies for startup hiring; How to get VCs to make you customer intros & More

Building enduring application-level value with LLMs; Communicating product-market fit; Influencer Marketing in B2B

Managing your time like CEOs; Planning your calendar as a leader; Breaking into venture during a downturn

Mapping your company's year; Raising a fund on your own; How your GTM motion impacts your marketing strategy

Competing in the midst of a platform shift; Defining ICP & GTM sequencing; How to organise a B2B SaaS marketing team

Fractional CMOs vs fractional Marketing Directors; Pricing strategies for every stage of your company; The bull case for chat interfaces

A Treasury playbook for startups; $1M to $100M in 20 Months; When to kill a startup idea and pivot

Leadership during a crisis; From a down round and 75% headcount reduction to $50M revenue; What it takes to raise a Series A as an Open Source company

Taking parental leave as a founder; How to adapt your marketing strategy to your marketing advantages

Dealing with a difficult manager relationship; Transitioning from PM to founder; Managing inside growing companies

A retrospective on shutting down a startup; Taking advantage when a window opens for you; Demystifying unit economics

How to organise your B2B growth marketing team; Shaping the role of your COO; Positioning at different stages of PMF

How Product Marketers can influence the product roadmap; Harmonising the ABX strategy through RevOps; Taking actions towards career clarity

When to pivot or cut your losses; A framework to building a bold brand; GTM hacks for consumer companies in the 0 to 1 stage

How to shut down a company; Best practices for working with marketing agencies and contractors; Starting your PLG motion