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Welcome to issue No. 109. The top two articles from the last week's issue were:  


Slack investor Sarah Cannon of Index Ventures backs Slack competitor Quill.

The Berlin-based Femtech startup Inne comes out of stealth with $8.8M in funding and gives a first glimpse of a hormone-tracking subscription product for fertility-tracking and natural contraception.

Meet The Wonder: The ultimate members-only family space.

Mathilde Collin of Front pays employees $200 a month to reduce their phone screen time.

Ethena is making customized sexual harassment training that it says employees won’t hate (or forget).

Why Kirsten Green and a former LinkedIn exec think hobbies are the future of commerce.

A new analysis by Boston Consulting Group shows that if women and men around the world participated equally as entrepreneurs, global GDP could ultimately rise by approximately 3% to 6%, boosting the global economy by $2.5 trillion to $5 trillion.

From the Investor

Five years ago five Twitter alumnae and one current executive banded together to invest in startups as #Angels. Last year they were joined by F7—a group of seven former and current Facebookers—and a group of 10 women who worked at Uber and have since gone into venture at separate firms, sharing deals and opportunities across their network. With more women coming into liquidity through this year’s IPOs, could there soon be more groups taking shape? Read more on how women from Twitter, Facebook, and Uber are teaming up to fund Silicon Valley’s future.

6 Demand Gen playbooks from top enterprise startups.
— Priyanka Somrah / Work-Bench

Do you get enough value out of your board of directors? Here’s how to run effective board meetings.
— Ines Streimelweger / Creandum

On why your data science tool hasn’t made machine learning easier (yet).
— Kaitlyn Henry / OpenView Partners

European investors are now hyped up about something called ‘VC as a platform’. What can you expect from a VC with a platform approach as a founder? Here are 6 questions to ask your potential investor to get more from them.
— Pauliina Martikainen /

We teamed up with Product Hunt to amplify the powerful voices of female founders, investors and operators with a startup story to tell. Have an idea for a story? Share it with us here and get featured on PH.

From the Founder & Operator

Code reviews at Google play an important role as an engineering practice. Even though the code review process looks similar to code reviews at Microsoft, there are some Google specifics that allow for a particular lightweight code review process. Here is how code reviews work at Google.
— Michaela Greiler / Microsoft

“I care about hiring the absolute best people who have the right skill set, a passion for our product, and desire to contribute to building a healthy and fun company culture – and those people could be anywhere.”

Why I’m building a 100% remote company.
— Sarah Sled / Blush

Here is a 6-step approach this founder used to raise a $4 million seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz.
— Hayley Leibson / Lunchclub

“But iterating is fundamentally different from creation, and its urgency is greatly minimized. Having worked on my own projects and initiatives in the past, nothing quite slaps you across the face like the looming threat of imminent demise.”

Why I left my dream job as a Product Manager at Twitter.
Yehong Zhu / Twitter

The three essential elements for great storytelling.
— Nicole Kahn / WeWork

Career advice from a UC Berkeley Venture Capital professor.
Patricia Mou / Stitch Fix

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