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What do subscribers say?

Tech can only fix its diversity and inclusion problem if we first have transparency about the state of play and share more information about female role models from all backgrounds to encourage and inspire the next generation. Femstreet has stepped in to play that essential role of information sharing. The publication and the Slack community have helped Atomico as a firm connect with a diverse group of individuals and gain new insights. The entire tech ecosystem is better with Femstreet.
- Tom Wehmeier, Partner and Head of Insights at Atomico.

Femstreet has helped me ease the transition from an operator to a VC knowing there are so many women like me who care about making a difference in our industry. I love the way Femstreet shines a spotlight on amazing women in the founder community, and I look forward to reading the articles and updates Sarah curates for the community every week.
- Annie Case, Investor at Kleiner Perkins

Femstreet is my go-to newsletter for curated, relevant articles in the tech community.  Raising the visibility of female founders, operators and investors allows us all to benefit from their insights and experience.
Sophie Adelman, Co-founder & CEO at Whitehat

Femstreet consistently spotlights entrepreneurs and businesswomen that would otherwise get lost amidst the hubbub. Professionally, it provides valuable insight into the inner workings and stories of successful women in my field - and has even had an impact on Frontline's deal flow. On a personal level, I look to Femstreet for inspiration and high quality content - both of which are hard to come by these days!
Carolina Küng, Head of Platform at Frontline Ventures

Femstreet is the only place where I can find all of the most important things that happened in the worlds of venture capital and tech for women each week. It's a thoughtful and comprehensive rundown recapping all the most notable headlines and standout content for and by women in the industry. I look forward to it every week and very much value the community of readers Sarah is building which sits at the intersection of my personal and professional interests.
- Natalie Sportelli, Lerer Hippeau

As a startup founder, Femstreet's newsletter is a weekly source of inspiration, a breath of fresh air,  a motivational oasis in a desert of hustle. Sarah manages to source content that never feels "deja vu" and makes readers think deeply. Sharing the perspectives of female investors, operator and founders is not just nice to have. Tech needs powerful platforms to allow the voices of this diverse group of women to be heard loud and clear. Femstreet is playing an active role in building a better future for entrepreneurs and VCs alike.
- Marie Outtier, Co-founder & CEO at Aiden.ai

About Sarah Nöckel

I am the Founder and editor of Femstreet.

During the day, I am a B2B SaaS investor at Dawn Capital, Europe’s largest B2B-only fund. I am particularly excited about workplace tech, collaboration services and interested in startups that use software to create new ways for everyday people to make money.

Prior to joining Dawn, I was working at Backed VC, a €50m seed-stage VC in London. Before that, I worked for three years at the french startup Early Metrics, where I led the firm’s launch in the UK and Germany. I am originally from Germany, studied Business and Finance at Cass Business School in London and started my career in Asset Management. I am a former sprinter and hurdler and love being active.