Thread for founders: How to navigate fundraising in uncertain times with Jessica Lin, Co-founder & General Partner at Work-Bench

I am Jessica, the Co-Founder and General Partner at Work-Bench, where I focus on investments in the future of work and teams. I am passionate about growing and supporting women in enterprise tech, launching our Navigate Women in Enterprise Tech Summit and our Founders of Enterprise Startups (Who Are Women) Database.
Prior to Work-Bench, I was a Learning and Development Manager at Cisco Systems, where I worked with the Engineering organization on Agile transformation, innovation and culture.

I am actively involved with the education and workforce development community in New York City, as a longtime GED educator and previously as an advisor to LaGuardia Community College. I received a B.A. from Harvard University in Government and African Studies.

Today, I will be answering your questions around fundraising in the current climate, how to adjust your B2B sales strategy, virtually pitching a VC, term sheet negotiations, planning for downside scenarios and recovery and more. Jump in!