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I hope our US readers spent some wonderful time with family and friends and had a chance to reflect on all of the things for which you are grateful.

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Janngo Capital Startup Fund, a female-led venture capital fund focused on African women founders nears its €60m target.

Cult-fitness brand SoulCycle has parted ways with CEO Melanie Whelan as a challenging year for the cycling studio comes to a close.

Julia Collins, who co-founded and co-led Zume Pizza, has a new job: entrepreneur-in-residence at Cleo Capital, an early-stage VC scout fund that relies entirely on female entrepreneurs. Collins is one of the incredibly few black women to start a "unicorn" startup, but she stepped away from Zume a year ago to tackle climate change with a new company, Planet FWD (which Cleo is backing).

Out of nearly 6,400 U.S.-based investment partners listed in Crunchbase, an astonishing 8.15 percent of them are named either “David,” “Michael,” or “John.” This doesn’t even include the many abbreviations and variants for each of these names. Here are the ten most common first names for VC partners in the U.S.

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From the Investor

Maria Salamanca of Unshackled Ventures shares how she uses Airtable, Notion, and Bear to create a complete system to run her life.

Is freemium right for you? The 5 criteria for freemium.
Brianne Kimmel / Work Life Ventures

The goal is not to raise as much capital as possible but to build a super scalable and cash efficient business. Bessemer identifies a new business metric for cloud companies that serves as an indicator of company returns: The cash conversion score for cloud companies.
— Mary D'Onofrio/ Bessemer Venture Partners

Angela Tran of VersionOne VC releases the 3rd “Startup Handbook”, an e-book focused on the stage between post-Seed to pre-Series B.

Why online marketplaces are (still) booming.
— Cat McDonald / Albion Ventures

Creating space to talk about the hard things: the intersection of racial and cultural identity with mental health. 
— Bo Ren / Samsung NEXT

Ann Miura-Ko of Floodgate answers questions on fundraising and investing in a live video Q&A on Twitter.

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From the Founder & Operator

I sat down with Sandra Uddbäck, VP of Data Acquisition at Mapillary, for a fireside chat at Slush in Helsinki last week and these are the five key lessons she shared with me about making remote work work.

“I’m a great director of marketing. Why am I not a VP?”

Here are a few lessons for directors wanting to level up and any marketing leader who is functionally excellent but feels like their abilities aren’t quite reflected in their title.— Martina Lauchengco / Costanoa Ventures

How to write 100 articles in 100 days: steps and success.
— Anne-Laure Le Cunff / Ness Labs

How to create a reusable button component in Angular. Avoid code repetition and build efficient applications.
Alessia Amitrano / Holition

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Incident analysis -- what it really is and what it could be
Using near misses to understand success
How one organization is implementing “new view” thinking
Feedback and success stories in software
Patience in incident reviews -- how long should this take?
Teaching the “smell” -- distilling expertise through incident analysis

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